Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


6. Birthday

Niall's P.O.V

Katrina and Cindy- Ally's mum- rush around the kitchen making Ally's breakfast and stuff. "Ok" Cindy grins. 

We all went shopping last week to get Ally's birthday presents. We walk into Ally's room. Kat and Harry first then the rest of us.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ally, happy birthday to you" We all sing together.

"Thank you" Ally grins hugging Kat and Ally together. She hugs the rest of us. "Thank you" Ally grins as her mum hands her her breakfast.

I watch as Kat grins widely. I miss Kat being my girlfriend. It's great being her friend but still. I'm in the friendzone. 

Well I think I am anyways.

"Presents" Lou yells running off. He reappears with a rectangle shaped present. We all get our presents and meet in Ally's room.

"Ours first" Cindy says handing Ally a big rectangluar shaped box.

She rips it open and gasps. "Oh my gosh, thank you mom and dad" Ally squeals. "It's beautiful" Kat smiles. Ally places her brand new guitar on the ground. Her mum and dad got all of us boys and Kat to sign it before.

"Me next" Lou grins bouncing up and down.

He hands her his present. She opens it. "Thank you Lou" Ally grins hugging Lou. He nods and ruffles her hair. She hands it to Kat. I look at it over Kat's shoulder. It is of Kat, Lou and Ally the day we met Kat. I remember that day. That day was a pretty good day.

I hand Ally her present from me. She opens it and grins. "Thanks Nialler"she grins hugging me tightly. I got Ally a top saying 'HARRY'S MINE SISTA!! <3' 

I nod and everybody else gives Ally her present except Kat.

Zayn got her some hair stuff.

Harry got her a mug with 'Worlds best girlfriend<3 xx' printed on it.

Lou got her the picture frame.

I gor her the shirt.

Liam got her a slushy maker and her parents got her the guitar.

"Come outside" Kat grins. Ally goes outside holding Kat's hand. 

We follow the two girls outside.

"Okay open" Kat grins. Ally opens her eyes and gasps. She runs up to the car and hugs it. "I love it" Ally screams hugging Kat. She grins. Kat pulls keys out of her pocket and hands them to Ally. Ally grins and hugs Kat again. 

We go inside to eat cake. Mmmm, cakeeeeee.

"Happy birthday sweetheart" Ally's dad says. "Kat and I need some girl time" Ally says standing up. Kat nods and they walk off to Ally's room. 


The boys and I go towards Ally's room to get the girls. "Yes yes Ally" Kat snorts. Liam opens the door. 

Ally is laying on her bed with a laptop and Kat is on Ally's computer typing away at something.

"Hurry up and update!" Ally groans. "Do you know how long I have waited for you to wake up?" Ally asks waving her arms about. "Okay I updated" Kat smirks.

We turns to us and gasps quietly. Update what?

"Oh my gosh! This is so good" Ally squeals. "Ally" Kat says doing something frantically on the computer. "What?" Ally asks looking up.

Her mouth forms an o shape when she spots up.

"What you girls up to?" I ask. "Uh" Kat stutters. "What are you updating?" Zayn asks leaning against the wall.

"This game we play" Ally says.

Katrina's P.O.V

I breath out filled with relief, thank goodness Ally can lie!

"What game?" Harry asks. "This high school game, you plan your story out and then update it" Ally adds. The boys all nod. Phew! That was close!

"Well we came to hang out with our girls" Lou grins hugging me. I chuckle and hug him back. I shut the computer down and wink at Ally. She winks back at me.

"So can we play this game?" Liam asks us. "I don't think you'd like it" I shrug. Liam shrugs. 

"Oh my gosh!" Ally yells out. "What?" I ask. "They just cancelled our game" Ally complains. I gasp. "Really" I sigh. Ally winks at me and nods. I groan and collaspe on the floor.

I spread out and wave my arms around weirdly. Niall chuckles. 


Ally and I walk into Ally's room giggling. The boys are surrouding Ally's computer. We look at each other confused and stop giggling.

"This is so good!" Harry says to the boys. The all nod in agreement. 

My phone bings in my pocket. I curiously get it out and look at my twitter account.

'@Zayn.Malik: @KatrinaRose amazing fanfics! Go and check her fan fics out!! On Movellas under KrazyKat :D'

I glare at the back of Zayn's head. Ally takes my phone and reports the status. It gets deleted. "ZAYN JAVVAD MALIK!" Ally yells angrily. The boys all spin around.

"HOW DARE YOU PUT KAT'S OR MY MOVELLAS ACCOUNT ON TWITTER!" Ally screams. "I thought I was doing you a favour Kat" Zayn says quietly. "SHE ALREADY HAS A LOT OF READS AND LIKES FROM PEOPLE WHO WANT TO READ HER MOVELLAS BECAUSE THEY LIKE THEM NOT BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM TO!" Ally yells. "Step awayfrom the computer or else" Ally says calmer.

The boys all scatter away from the computer. I go onto my account. "Thanks Zayn" I fake smile at him. "What?" He asks looking guilty. "My account has been hacked" I growl. Ally gasps and hugs me. 

I see someones mumble.


I roll my eyes and change my password. I report the person. That'll teach them.

"Goodnight" I mutter sliding under my covers. "I'm sorry" Zayn says. "It's ok" I say and fall asleep.



Question: To Ally: are you happy you and Harry are back together?

Ally: Very much so!! :D Except for the fact that he was snooping on our movellas accounts -_-

Question: To Liam: how are you love?

Liam: Very good, thank you love :) I don't get many questions these days :) it's nice to know you think of me xx

Question: To Niall: so, Harry and Ally are back together *looks around makes sure Kat isn't there* *whispers* are you going to do something about you and Kat?

Niall: *whispers* deffinately :) 

Question: To Zayn: How many times do you do your hair in a day?

Zayn: Not that much... nah, it depends on if I'm having a good hair day or not :)

Lou: Pftt, he does his hair like ten times a day :P

Question: To Ally's dad: What do you think of Harry?

Fredrick (Ally's dad): he's a very nice boy. I approve of him, as long as he doesn't hurt my little girl.

Question: To Kat: do you know anyone who eats as much as Niall?

Kat: No, but I think Nevil is taking after his eating habbits :)

Question: To everyone: What's your favourite type of chocolate?



Ally: White chocolate :D mmm, I'm going to eat chocolate, see ya later *waves and runs off to eat chocolate*


Harry: Hmm, I think-

Lou: NEXT! My favourite chocolate is crunchie :D

Zayn: Dark chocolate

Harry: *glares at Lou* snickers

Question: To Niall: Are you thinking of getting together with Kat again? 

Niall: Yep :) As I kind of said before... but yes I am :) 


Niall: not if you're going to be this loud *rolls eyes*

Lou: sorry, I'll help you Nialler :)

Niall: *whispers to himself* Please help me! *looks at Lou* okay, you can help :) 

Another chapter :D 

Bye xxx






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