Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


14. Big relief

QUESTION TIMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! >:D Am I the only one who loves question time?? It's kinda like story time, but questions...Yeah okay, I should stop talking now, or stop typing. Okay anyways....ON WITH THE QUESTIONS!!!!!!

Question: To Eboni: Tell me the truth. Do. You. Like. Liam???????

Eboni: *Makes sure nobody's there* Yes :D 


Question: To Kally: So gurlsss, how would you feel if you got kicked out...would you try and go again next year?

Ally: I would be devestated!! Hehe, a big word :D I'd probably try again with meh main gurllll!!

Kat: I WOULD CRY!!!! Ally would drag me to the X-Factor so, yes I would try again :)

Ally: I wouldn't dr- actually yes, yes I would >:D

Question: To everyone: UNICORNS OR PEGASUS?

Louis: PEGASUS!!!!!


Ally: Unicorns *grins*

Zayn: Pegasus :D

Harrrrrrrrehhhhhhhh: Maybe...hmmm....pegasus :)

Leyyyyyyyyummmmmmm: UNICORNS!!!!!!


Louis: Eboni? *raises eyebrow*

Eboni: Pegasus cross Unicorn *smirks*

Question: To the Louis: If you weren't in One Direction, what would you be doing now?

Louis: I would be teaching drama :D What about yourself?

Louis: PS: I want an answer *grins*

Question: To everyone: What can you catch but can't throw??

Zayn: Give me a minute.... *thinks for a minute*

Ally: Minutes up! Air??

Kat: Louis.

Nialler: Louis? Really? Uhm, I dunno, that's tricky.

Liam: A cough?

Harry: Yeah, a cough

Eboni: I'm with Niall, dunno *shrugs*

Louis: Katrina.

MEEEEEEEE!!!! (Got carried away again...) : A cold :D



Aaliyah's P.O.V

I pace nervously in our room. Eboni is brushing her hair over and over again. She does that when she's nervous and Kat is writing something in a notebook, looking nervous. Today we find out who's through to the live shows. I though the judges decided that, but apparently the people in the world decide.

I hear the phone ring. I rush over to it. "Aaliyah speaking" I say. "Ally, it's me Liam" Liam says. "Hey Liam" I smile, automatically relaxing. Liam has like special powers which makes people relax when they hear his name or his voice, I think it's because he's so caring. 

"Have you found out who's through yet?" Liam asks. "No" I sigh. "You'll get through, your mum, Dave, the boys and I voted for Kally and the teens as many times as we could" Liam chuckles. "Each" he adds. I smile. "Thanks Liam" I smile.

"HEY LIAM!!" Kat yells. "HEY KAT!!" Liam yells back. I chuckle. "Is Eboni there?" Liam asks. "It depends" I shrug. He chuckles. "May I please speak to Eboni?" Liam asks. "Of course" I chuckle. "Oi Eb" I say. She looks up at me nervously. "It's Liam" I smile. She grins and takes the phone. She visibley relaxes. I start pacing once again, returning to my nervous state.

Eboni passes the phone to Kat and she and Liam talk for a bit. Kat throws the phone to me. I manage to catch the phone but I land on the floor with a soft thud. I groan and put the phone in it's place. "All contestents report backstage in five minutes" the voice booms over the loud speaker. Eboni and Kat stand up. We hold each others hands and walk backstage.

"Please welcome Dani with the under twenty-five boys!" The host grins. Dani and her boys walk out. "Please welcome Cheryl with the over twenty-five's!" The host yells. Cheryl and her overs walk out. "Next please welcome Louis and his under twenty-five girls!" The host smiles. Louis and the girls walk out. "And last but not least, welcome to the stage Simon Cowell and his groups!" The host yells. Simon walks out smiling. The groups all follow him. We stand in a group huddled together. 

"The first act through to the live shows is" there is a lot of suspence! "The teens" the host grins. Eboni squeals loudly and hugs Kat and I first. "Congrats!" I grin. She nods and walks over to the rest of her group to the side. 

The host calls out more acts. Three more to go. Twelve acts go through the live shows out of twenty-four. The host calls outs two more acts. Kat and I look at each other worried. I take three deep beaths. Kat does the same. "The final act through to the UK X-Factor live shows is" mors suspence. "Hurry up!" Someone yells from the crowd. I chuckle. If I wasn't so nervous I would do that!

"KALLY!!" The host yells. Kat and I jump around and hug each other tightly. We hug Simon and then Eboni. We hug all the contestants who didn't get through and all the ones that did.

I see someone wearing a shirt that says 'VOTE FOR KALLY!!!' I run up to the girl and hug her. She grins and hugs me. Kat joins the hug. We run back over to Simon and the groups who got through. 

That is such a big relief! "Anything you would like to say Ally?" The host asks. I nod. "I would like to say thank you so much to my ma, pa, Nevil and meh boys back home!" I grin waving. "Your ma and pa?" The host asks. "They're my mum and dad" Kat pops in. The host nods and goes over to someone else. Eboni, Kat and I dance together on stage. 

"Go and get ready for your song" Simon whispers. Kat and I nod and follow all the other acts off stage. 

We all get our make-up done and change into the clothes we were told to wear. 

"And here is your top twelve!" The host yells. We sing Love the way you lie part two with no swearing in it. "Thank you top twelve!" The host grins. We all take a bow. "Join us next week on The X-Factor UK" The host smiles. "Gooodnight" he adds. 

We go off stage dancing about. Well Eboni, Kat and I dance, everyone else just looks at us and chuckles to themselves.


"Hiya!" Kat and I say in sync to the video recorder thingy. "She's Aaliyah" Kat grins and points to me. "That's Katrina" I say pointing to Kat. "And we're Kally" we grin together. "And welcome to week one of the video diaries!" Kat yells dramatically. 

"We would like to say to anyone who voted for us" I pause. "THANK YOU!!!" Kat and I yell waving our arms about. "It really means a lot" Kat adds. "So uhm, vote for us" I grin. "You can leave your questions down the bottom in the comment box thingy and if you vote for us and we're still here next week we will answer them" Kat grins. "So uhm" I pause. "BYEEEE!" Kat and I yell together waving. We stop the video and upload it to youtube on the X-Factor channel and on our Kally channel. 

We walk past the study which has Eboni and her group doing their video diary. "Hey look! It's Kat and Ally or as people say, Kally!" Eboni grins hugging us. I chuckle and wave. "Butterfly! Come back!" Kat yells running off. "Well then..." I mumble. Eboni grins and goes and sits in the swirly chair. 

I go into our room and lie on my bed thinking about today. I'm so glad we got through. I was so scared that we weren't going to get through. I'll have to call mum, dad and Jackson soon. I get my phone and text mum.

'We got through to bootcamp :D Lots of love xxx - Aaliyah<3'

I throw my phone to the bottom of the bed and fall asleep.

Louis' P.O.V

"OUR GIRLS ARE THROUGH TO LIVE SHOWS!!!!" I scream dancing around the house. Nialler laughs and grabs the phone. I watch the rest of the X-Factor. My baby girls are growing up *sobs*. I chuckle to myself. I'm so dramatic!


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