Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


60. Big news


Kat: I know!!! I'm so excited!!!

Statement: To Niall: OMG!!! YOU FINALLY DID IT!!! OH THANK YOU!!

Niall: Why yes, yes I did. It's all good :D

Statement: To Niall: Omg! It's about time! I don't think I could've waited much longer! And the fact that you put the ring on the wrong hand was just too cute! 

Niall: I don't think any of us could:D

Statement: To Kat: excuse me while I fangirl.....*screams happily in a pillow* *comes back* okay.....I'm so happy that you're happy!

Kat: *dances around singing at the top of her lungs* I'm so happy that you're so happy that I'm so happy :D

I am so sorry!!! My internet just got connected, I've missed you all xxx <3   ~ Elounor_forever


Katrina's P.O.V

"Can they hurry up and get home?" I groan applying my eyeliner on my left eyelid. Someone snatches my eyeliner out of my hand. "Niall!! Give. It. Back!!" I yell spinning around. Niall is standing there with nothing in his hands. "I've told you a hundred times! You. Don't. Need. Make up!" Louis says handing Niall my eyeliner. "LOUIS!!!" I grin. I sprint towards him and jump onto him. "My baby is home!" I yell digging my head into his shoulder.

"Hey, hey,'re my baby" Louis says poking my nose. I chuckle and smile. "Where's my El?" I ask. Lou sets me down. "I'm here!!" El hollers. "Well, sort of here" she adds. I run towards her voice. "I'm in the car driving towards you, I picked Zayn and Katy up" El grins through Lou's facetime. I laugh. "Be home soon" I smile. "Love you bub" I add. "Love you too baby, gotta go byee!!" El blows me a kiss and hangs up.

I chuckle and skip back to Niall and Louis. "Now give me my eyeliner" I demand holding my hand out. Louis takes the eyeliner from Niall and hands it to me. "Thank you love" I grin and apply it to my right eye. I hear a car horn beep and jump up from the couch. I squish my face up onto the glass. Ally sprints over to the window and squishes her face against the glass in front of mine. I run outside and hug Harry tightly. I squish Liam and Eboni in a hug. "Are we gonna get hugs or not?" El's sassiness kicks in. I release Eb and Liam and hug El tightly. I move onto Katy and Zayn and finally turn to Ally.

"Hey idiot" I smirk. "Hey stupid" Ally smirks crossing her arms. I open my arms up and before I can say hi three times, Ally tackles me to the ground. She sits on my stomach and grins in victory. Harry lifts Ally up from my stomach and Niall helps me up. I smile and hug Ally.  "We need girl time!!" Katy grins taking El and Ally by the hands. Niall and I share a look. "G-guys wait a minute please" I say softly. Everyone turns to me. "Please sit down" Niall says. Everyone sits down on the couch or on their girlfriends/boyfriends laps. Niall and I stand in front of everyone with our fingers interlocked. "Uhm, so, uhm," I start. I am great at starting talks!

"When we were in Ireland, I took Kat out for a picnic and to a waterfall" Niall starts for me. I smile at him, thankful. "And we are going to get married" I smile. Everyone is silent for a minute, processing it. "What are you saying? Is this a joke?" Lou asks narrowing his eyes at us. "Because you could hurt us by pre-" "It means we're engaged, and no it's not a joke" I cut Lou off. Everyone goes silent again.

Harry stands up and walks over to us. Louis follows him. "Hurt her and you will die" Harry warns Niall. "Katrina. Can we talk?" Harry asks. I nod. "Wait. Before you go, congratulations" Lou says hugging me tightly. I smile and follow Harry. I shut the front door and sit on the steps of the porch, next to Haz. We sit in silence for a bit. Harry sighs deeply. "Kat, befire you say anything, hear me out ok?" Harry says. I nod. He stares straight ahead. 

"I love Niall and you together, I think it's the cutest thing in the world but, I don't think this is wise. You are only eighteen, you have so much more time before you should settle down, you have so much more time to date Niall. You and Niall haven't even been dating as long as some people who get married" Harry pauses. "I don't think you should get married just yet" Harry states. 

I hold my tears in. Harry is supposed to be my best friend. He is supposed to support me and support my choices. "Well I think it is wise! I don't care if I'm eighteen! We are happy and it doesn't matter what age we are!! I don't care that-" "Katrina. It is not wise to get married now. We have tour and everything" Harry cuts me off. "You are supposed to be my best friend! You're supposed to support my decisions and my choices! And you're doing the opposite!!" I yell. "I'm looking out for you Katrina!" Harry yells. I stand up. The front door opens and everyone is there, Lou, Niall and Ally in front. 

"Well look out for me in another way! I am-" "I don't think it's wise Katrina! I'm sure the oth-" "Listen Harry! I am getting married to Niall no matter what you say! I am getting married wheather you are there or not" I yell at Harry. I spin on my heel and start walking towards my special place. "Walking away does not help Katrina!" Harry yells. "I don't care Harold! I will walk away so I don't punch you" I yell back and continue walking.

Louis' P.O.V

My baby girl is getting married!!! Aweeee, they are so cute. Kiall Roran forever and ever. 

"You are supposed to be my best friend! You're supposed to support my decisions and choices! And you're doing the opposite!" Kat yells. I walk to the door and open it, with everyone following. I go to speak but get cut of by Harry. "I'm looking out for you Katrina!" Harry yells. Kat stands up. Her eyes are glistening with tears, oh dear.

Harry doesn't think Kat and Niall should get married. What happened to him begging them to get married. I suppose he is just trying to look out for her. We watch Kat walk away. "She's just a teenager" Harry hits the porch in anger. "What did you say?" Liam asks making Harry stand up. "I said I didn't think it was wise for her to get married right now, and then we started yelling" Harry says crosding his arms. I roll my eyes and start following Kat. "Where are you going?" Eb calls after me. "To find a mad idiot" I grin and run the way Kat went.


Kat finishes recounting what happened between her and Harry. I sigh and take a sip of my pepsi. "Well you and Harry better make up, I am not sitting through an awkward dinner" I say. Kat chuckles. "He is just looking out for you, you do know that?" I say, more if a question than a statement, but oh well...

"I know, but he could make sure I hit my head instead of try to ruin my engagement" Kat sighs. "Ok sweet, now you're overreacting" I chuckle. "Harry didn't try to ruin, your engagement" I smile. Kat smiles slightly. "Well it seemed like it for a bit" Kat sighs. "I know, he's just shocked. Give him time, he'll come around" I smile. Kat nods. "Can we go home now? Liam and Niall will not stop calling and texting, it's getting annoying" I groan. Kat laughs and stands up with her pepsi. I grab mine and we walk home talking about her holiday and my honeymoon. 

"Are you guys having children yet?" Kat asks suddenly. I swallow nervously. El and I were going to tell them all today, but then Kat and Niall shared their news. "OH MY GOD YOU ARE!!" She yells turning to me. "Shut up" I hiss. "Sorry" she whispers. "W-when, what, how?" She shoots more questions at me. "You're not supposed to know yet, we are going to tell you all together this afternoon" I smile. Kat grins. "Can I be the Godmother?" She asks. "That was decided long ago" I chuckle. Kat grins and hugs me tightly. "I'm happy for you Lou" she smiles. "You'll be amazing parents" she adds. "So will you, when the time comes" I grin messing up her hair. She rolls her eyes at me. I laugh and we walk through the front door.

"Coke is so much better" Niall states. "Pepsi" I say. "Don't even bother, Niall would say anything except pepsi is better than coke. We've had this argument for years, neither of us ever win" Lou chuckles. I shrug. "At least we have the better taste" I grin and skip to my room. I wonder where mum, Dave and Nevil are?

After three hours of catching up and waiting for the right time to break the news El and I share a look. I nod at her. She smiles. El says some stuff about our honeymoon. "Oh and I'm pregnant" El says casually, like it's what a person says in a daily conversation every day. 

Kat grins at everyone. Everyone hugs El and me and congratulates us. "How did Kat know?" Katy asks, confused. "I asked" Kat shrugs. Eb nods. "I swear she knows everything before us" Eb laughs. "I watch the news, read the newspaper" Kat grins. "You? You read the newspaper?" Zayn asks. "Why yes, yes I do" Kat laughs. Zayn shakes his head and chuckles. 

"Oh shush Zayn" Kat laughs. "You're laughin' to" Zayn argues. "Well...uhm, yeah..yes I am" Kat says in defeat. Niall laughs, eating a bowl of ice cream. Hm, I want ice cream. I stand up and walk to the kitchen, searching for the ice cream, if Niall hasn't eaten it all. I chuckle to myself and grin when i find half of the ice cream is still here.

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