Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


21. Being sick is not fun -_-

Katrina's P.O.V

I groan as I walk downstairs with all my sleeping gear, as in, my five blankets, my two 

pillows, my hot water bottle and three other pillows I collected from the cupboard.

I set my pillows and blankets up on the couch. I lie down on the couch and cuddle my hot water bottle.

My teeth chatter annoyingly. I'm so cold. Why is it so cold?? I grab my computer and log into Movellas. I log into my account and click on my notifications.

'CrazyWeirdo!! commented on your Movella call me Kat.


I reply to all my notifications. I go onto my Movella Call me Kat and start a new chapter. Chaoter fifty-two.

'Chapter 52 - Relationship status change

Katrina's P.O.V

Why would Ty want to meet up with me? I text him back. 'Sorry I can't, I'm busy - Katrina'. I put my phone away and fall asleep.


"Will you be my girlfriend?" Ty asks me. I open and close my mouth. A million thought run through my head. "Yes" I manage to squeak out. Ty kisses my cheek. He puts his arm around my waist and leads me into school.

I finish writing my chapter and publish it. Ally will be happy with me. I close my computer and close my eyes. I'm tierd. I fall into a wonderful sleep.


I sleepily open my eyes to see Niall sitting at my feet watching TV.  "Morning sleepy" he chuckles. I grunt in return. I feel sick I don't have to talk. "I feel sick" I manage to croak out. Niall sighs and walks off somewhere.

I close my eyes again.

"Oh my poor baby" Eboni sighs. "She looks so cute when she's asleep" Ally coos. I smile slightly and open my eyes.

There standing in front of me looking down at me is Eboni, Ally, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn. "Why didn't you stay in your room?" Zayn asks me confused. "I couldn't close my window" I reply, my teeth chattering. Zayn nods.

Liam trudges over to me and climbs under my covers. "You alright?" I ask him. He shakes his head. "I feel sick" he responds. "Join the club" I chuckle slightly. Liam rests his head on my shoulder as I sit up.

"Do my two sick children want any food or drinks?" Mum asks putting another blanket over us. Liam shakes his head. "A tea please" I croak. I sound like a frog. Mum nods and walks off to the kitchen. I flick the TV on.

Harry comes over to us and hands me my tea. I nod at him, saying thank you. I groan. I'm tired. I sigh and watch the weird TV show.


Niall's P.O.V

I walk into the living room to see if Liam and Kat want anything. "Come on dude!" Liam yells at the TV. "Pick that girl!" Kat joins in. I cross my arms and chuckle to myself. 

The guy on the TV picks a girl. Liam and Kat cheer and high five. "Ok, now Bing" Kat says to the TV as another guy comes up. "You must choose Kelly" Liam says. "Or you'll die" Kat threatens the TV.

"You know they can't hear you" I say. "Shut up Niall" Liam says. "We're doing business here" Kat adds. I chuckle. 

"Yes!!" Liam yells. "Woo hoo" Kat yells. Liam and her hug each other. I sigh and look at the ground. I wish that was me.

"What on earth are you watching?" Lou snorts joining me. "The best show ever" Kat says not paying attention to us. "You're sounding better" Lou says. "Yeah, yeah" Liam says. Lou and I stand together watching them cheering and yelling at the TV.

"You idiot!!" Kat screams. "This is what I feel like doing when you and Kat and standing together and won't hold hands" Lou says quietly. I chuckle. A knock on the door interupts Liam's and Kat's yelling at the TV moment. Liam pauses the TV and Kat stands up.

"We could get it" Lou states. "I know" Kat pauses. "But us four are the only ones home and if it's a murderer I must protect you all" Kat states. Lou shrugs. We both follow Kat to the door.

"Hello" Kat says. Lou and I stand a bit behind her, kind of like her body guards. "Hey Katrina" the boy smirks. "What do you want?" Kat hisses. "I wanted to give you your present" the boy smirks. The boy is quite good looking. 

"Who are these kids?" The boy asks. "These people are my-" "Brother, cousin and boyfriend" Liam interupts Kat. Kat looks at Liam, silently questioning him. 

"Which one's which?" The boy asks. "He's her brother, I'm her cousin and he's her boyfriend" Liam says pointing to Lou, himself then me.

Kat bites her lip. "Can you leave?" Kat asks the boy. "Why?" The boy asks. Kat turns to us. "Damn he's hot" he mutters under her breath. Lou rolls his eyes and smirks. I sigh. "Because" Kat answers. "Give me three good reasons" the boy says.

"One, because I said so. Two, because it's my house and three" Kat steps closer to the boy. She's so close to him it looks like they're going to kiss. If they did, that would kill me inside.

"Because I don't like you or need you" Kat says barely above a whisper. Kat spins around, flicking the boy in the face with her hair in the process and walks past us three boys into the house, not looking back.

"How are we Liam?" The boy smirks. "Good, and you Patrick?" Liam asks clenching his fists. "Fine thanks" Patrick says. "Leave, now" Liam says. Patrick rolls his eyes. "Sir, yes sir" he says saluting Liam. He spins around and walks off. Liam growls at his back. "Let's go" Liam says pushing past Lou and I. Lou closes the door.

"I wonder what that was about" I say. Lou shrugs. We walk into the living room and sit down next to Liam and Kat.


Question time :D

Question: To Louis: THIS. IS. A. STATEMENT. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and El are so cute together. :)

Louis: IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A STATEMENT IT SHOULD BE CALLED STATEMENT TIME INSTEAD OF QUESTION TIME!!! Anyways, because it's about El and I or as people like to say Eleanor *looking at Kat, Ally and Eboni* it's ok :D I agree :) 

Question: To Niall: do you still like Kat?

Niall: Yes, very much

Question: To Dave and Judy: do you think you will have more kids later on?

Dave and Judy: Probably not, it depends :)


I'm having a bonfire tonight :) so I probably won't update again today, I made brownies and caramel slice <3 mmmmm, well byeee <3 xxx




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