Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


66. Back together? or not?

Question: To all the girls: Are you girls enjoying Hollywood and are you good at being match makers because you girls should help me out HAHAHAHAHAHA :) JK

Ally: Well, I'm not in Hollywood so....but I've been there, and I loved it!!

Eb: I am in love with Hollywood. I've already ran into a couple of celebrities! And no, I'm not a good match maker :(

Katy: I'm a greattt match maker ;) and I will marry Hollywood!!!

Kat: I am so excited but I am so nervous about Niall :( I'm alright at match making...?

Statement: To Niall: please do NOT make me wait for you to have a brake OKAY... #KIALLRORANWILLFOREVERLIVE

Niall: Okay...

Statement: To Niall: Listen to Lou!!!

Lou: Yeah Niall! Listen to me!!

Niall: I'll try

Statement: To Louis: You are good with advices arent you?? (chukle) :)

Lou: Why yes, yes I am ;) *chuckles*

Question: To everyone (minus Kiall Roran): HOW DO WE GET KIALL RORAN BACK TOGETHER?!?!

Liam: You'll see...

everyone: *grins*


Niall's P.O.V

I look up to see Liam waving his arms around wildly, talking to me. Someone rips my headphones off and Liam's voice becomes clear. "LISTEN TO ME!!" Liam yells. I spin around and glare at Louis who is holding my headphones and my phone. Zayn and Harry are standing together, inbetween Louis and Liam. "You need to man up!" Louis states. "Listening to music ain't gonna help you" Harry adds. I glare at him. "Boys, we're leaving!" Paul yells. "Sorry Paul. Horan is being an idiot!" Zayn yells back. "Niall. I know you were an idiot to Kat, and I know you miss her, but your fans have been waiting for years, now get up, out and let's go" Paul says heading back the way he came. I sigh and stand up. I follow the boys miserablely. I plaster a grin on my face as we go outside. Louis shakes his head at me.

"Hey baby girl" Harry laughs. "How are you?" Harry asks. "Who is it?" Zayn asks. Harry mouths something to him as we get into the van thingy. Louis and Liam are sitting on either side of me and across from us Zayn and Harry are sitting next to each other. "Put it on speaker!!" Zayn groans poking Harry. Harry chuckles and puts it on speaker.

"I HATE YOU EBONI!! YOU TOOK MY LOVE AND GAVE IT AWAY TO PAYNE!!" Kat screams from the other end of the phone. "You don't understand Katrina!" Eboni pleads. "NO Eboni! I can't" Kat sobs. Katy erupts in cheers and claps. Harry laughs loudly. "You three are mental" Zayn chuckles. "ZAYN!!" Katy yells. "Hey babe" Zayn laughs. "I missss youuuuuu!" Katy sings. "I miss you too" Zayn sighs, looking at the floor. 

"Ok my lovely Harold and my lovely Zayn, we have to go out-" "Where? Why? With who?" Harry says, getting protective. "Don't worry Harry, we'll be alright" Eb laughs. "To answer your questions. Out. Because we can and with Eb and Katy" Kat answers sassily. Zayn chuckles. "Alright, bye love, bye Katyyyyyyy, bye EBBBBB!!!" Harry grins. "Bye love" Kat says in a strong brittish accent, sounding exactly like Harry. "You sounded like Harry" Zayn gasps. "I am Harry"  Kat says, sounding like Harry again. "Kat, we're going to miss our cab" Eb calls from the background. "My hair isn't dry for goodness sake Eb!" Kat chuckles. "Yeah, she's going to have to look goooooood" Katy laughs. For who excatly? I feel like asking. "Oh shut it. Love you boys" Kat chuckles. "Bye love" Harry resays. "Bye Kat, bye girls" Zayn smiles. Harry hangs up and Zayn chuckles.

I miss Kat. Why am I so stupid?

Katrina's P.O.V

I pace nervously, my nails digging into my palms as I clench my fists. I actually have scars from my nails digging into my palms, from this week alone. "Hey, it'll be ok" Eb says, hugging me. "But what if he hates me" I sigh. "He won't hate you baby" Katy says stroking my hair. I sigh. Eb and Katy hold my hands as we head outside and catch our cab.

"Calm down Kat, just enjoy the concert, think later" Katy smiles. "Yeah. I haven't been to a concert with you three yet Ally smirks. I jump really high and hug her tightly. She laughs. "I missed you baby" she grins. "I missed you too" I grin. Ally chuckles and hugs Katy and Eb. We go into the arena and buy some food.

We eat for a bit and finally go through our gate. "How did you get tickets?" I ask Ally. "You think pa and ma would send you three to a One Direction concert without me. Puh-lease" Ally smirks. I laugh and hug her again. 

The concert flies by, our boys singing their hearts out. "Righteo Louis" Harry grins, ditching a water bottle at him. Zayn catches it and ditches it at Harry. "Sooooo, our little Nially poo has been annoying and miserable lately, sooo he needs some cheering up" Louis grins. Niall groans. "I'm not miserable" Niall mumbles. "Sure sure sweetheart" Liam smirks. Niall rolls his eyes. "So I got some pictures of food, I'm kidding, I rung some people" Louis chuckles. "So please welcome...." "I forgot to tell you, they cancelled" Liam mumbles. "Of course they did, nobody has time for Louis Tomlinson" Louis rolls his eyes. Ally and I loom at each other and scream, "WE LOVE YOU LOUIS!!!" 

He grins in our direction, but doesn't see us. Eb and Katy laugh at us. The concert ends and everyone files out. 

Katy, Eb, Ally and I climb over the seats and sit in the front row together. "Kiddo!!" Paul grins from the side of the stage. "PAUL!!!" I yell. He laughs. I jump onto the stage and sprint towards him. He catches me and hugs me. "Have the boys been good?" I ask. "I suppose" Paul shrugs. "I had to yell at Niall today" Paul chuckles. I get nervous at the sound of his name and start my nervousness habbit.  

I hear Niall's voice calling for Paul and dive behind the first row of chairs, hurting myself in the process. "What's up Niall?" I hear Paul ask. "Louis and Harry are trashing the room again" Niall chuckles. "TOMLINSON!! STYLES!!" Paul roars. "They're in trouble!" Zayn sings. "Why are you so happy lately?" Liam asks. I peer through the seats to see Niall, Liam and Paul standing together, arms crossed. Louis and Harry standing together looking guilty and Zayn grinning, standing by himself. 

"I'm in love" Zayn grins. "With Katy?" Paul laughs. "Yes. But no. With my new gel" Zayn grins. "Him and his gel" I hear Ally mutter. Oh no. They're going to find us. "Ally?" Harry grins. "Uh heyyy" Ally says standing up. Katy and Eb stand up with her. "Eb" Liam smiles. Eb jumps over the remaining seats and races into Liam's arms. Katy and Ally go down the asile and hug Harry and Zayn. I stay put, no way am I standing. 

"Is Kat here?" Lou grins. Ally, Katy and Eb all look at each other, unsure of what to do. I comando crawl towards the exit. If I can get out now, I can- "Yeah, she's there" Paul says, probably smirking. I groan and slowly stand up, with the help of the seats. "Thanks Paul" I roll my eyes. "No problem kiddo" Paul smirks at me. I see the exit and calculate the running and jumping I would have to do to escape. I work it out and turn back to the boys. Niall is staring at me, looking sad and guilty. The boys are looking at me with blank expressions. I stand there for five minutes, nobody speaking.

I spin towards the exit and start running and jumping. Someone races after me and holds onto me by wrapping their arms around my waist. I wroggle around trying to get out. "Hey hey hey, it's just me" Paul chuckles. I go limp and sigh. "I know you want to run, but that isn't going to help you" Paul sighs. "It might" I shrug. Paul sets me down, but keeps ahold of my wrist. "Where would you go?" He asks. "The hotel" I shrug again. Paul chuckles and tries to make me walk to the stage. I sit on the ground and try to stop him from taking me. 

Paul leans down and throws me over his shoulder. I sigh and don't bother trying to get away, there's no point anyway. Paul sets me down and Louis hugs me tightly. I hug him back, equally as tight. We stand there for a while, just hugging in the silence. Louis lets me go, before kissing my forehead. Harry hugs me, then Zayn, then Liam. I think about hugging Niall and debate my choices. My debate gets cut off by phone. I pull it out, while getting dirty looks from Paul, the boys, minus Niall and the girls. I see it's El and answer it.

"El, are you ok?" I ask. "It's kicking!!" She squeals. "IT'S KICKING!! OH MY GOD!! HOW DOES IT FEEL!!" I scream down the phone. She laughs. "It feels amazing! It also kind of tickles" El chuckles. I smile. "I'm so happy for you El" I grin. "Thank you, I have a bit of pregnancy brain though" El groans. I laugh. "How's that working for you?" I ask. "Annoying" El chuckles. "I have to run, but can you tell Lou I love him and I tried to call him, but his phone kept going straight to voicemail?" El asks. "Of course El. Love you" I smile. "Love you too baby girl" El blows a kiss through the phone and hangs up.

Paul opens his mouth, but I hug Louis tightly. "El told me to tell you she loves him and she tried to call you but your phone went straight to voicemail" I inform him. "Thank you, why did she call?" Lou asks. "She's kicking" I smile. Louis' face lights up like a Christmas tree. He has the biggest grin on his face. I smile and look at the girls. They are all grinning but catch my look.

"Well, I am hungry, so let's eat!" Ally grins. "Uh, I accidently booked a table for eight" Katy mumbles. "That's fine, Niall is barely eating and-" "I'll eat later, I'm not very hungry at the moment" I cut Liam off. The girls grin at me and take the boys and Paul backstage. "Can we talk somewhere, more-" "Private?" Niall asks. I nod. He smiles slightly and starts walking backstage. I follow him into his dressing room. He closes the door and silently offers me a seat. "No thanks" I mumble. Niall nods and sits down. He stares at the floor, not blinking. I take a deep, silent breath.

"I miss you" I whisper. Niall lifts his head and meets my eyes. I feel myself breaking inside. I really love him. He probably doesn't is our anniversery. The day we started dating. Niall silently stands up, turns around and digs through a draw. He pulls a box out and hands it to me.

"I screwed up. I'm sorry Katrina. I love you" Niall croaks. I hug him, digging my head into the crook of his neck. He holds me close, before kissing me. "I love you" I whisper. I open the box and smile widely. I slide the braclet on and hug Niall again. I fish through my bag and pull out the envelope. He opens it and hugs me tightly. I got him tickets to the basketball game he wanted to go to.

"So are you two together?" Paul asks, sticking his head in. We laugh and nod. "Yey!! Niall won't be miserable anymore!" Paul cheers. I laugh. I have missed Niall. I must admit.

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