Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


29. Australia




Question: to Niall: you're such a bad boy now (I LOVE IT) what happend to the Old Niall who loves to cuddle and food.?


Niall: He's still here :) I wish I didn't have to be bad, Katrina hates me now :( GREAT PLAN LOUIS!!!! Sarcasum level=10!

Question: To Louis: What have you done to Niall? You ruined him?

Louis: I thought Kat liked bad boys *shrugs* Jack and Hayden were bad boys, she liked them *shrugs*

Question: To Harry: Same question as Louis.!

Harry: I miss our cuddly Niall, so blame Lou *puts hands up in surrender*

Question: To Ally and Eb: how did you feel when Kat told you the story?

Ally: Like I wanted to slap Niall repeatativly.

Eb: I don't know why Niall is like this, but I will get to the bottom of it. It smells fishly. Literally, Ally is eating fish :) but yeah, I will get to the bottom of it 

Question: To my lovely and adorable Katrina Rose: Who do you think Niall was texting? Anyone you know?

Kat: I-I'm not sure. I wish he would go back to himself, *sighs* I miss my Niall

Question: To Lou and Haz: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO POOR INNOCENT NIALL???? Sorry, I'm just mad, he's the cuddly one of the group.

Lou and Haz: We're getting Kiall Roran back together ;)

Question: To 'the bad boy' Niall: why did you kiss the lovely and adorable Katrina Rose when you are trying to impress someone else?

Niall: I want to impress Katrina *sighs* It's not really working is it?





Niall: *gulps*

Statement: To Louis: If this was your 'genius' plan for Kat to like Niall, I'm just going to say it failed. Zaynie is the bad boy. Not Niall.

Louis: I know, but I do have another plan :) 

Niall: Here we go *rolls eyes*

Statement: To Zayn: this is half question half statement. I still love you Zayn. Perrie must be stupid to break up with an awesome man like you. I will take you over any boy. Sorry boys. Will you go out with Kat if I asked you to date?

Zayn: *shrugs* maybe, maybe not. Actually, probably not :)

Quatement: To Kat: Will you go out with Zayn or Niall? If you say Zayn I will love you forever. If you say Niall I won't. He is a *not repeating the word just incase it's bad :)* bag. And to think I loved him.

Kat: I don't know *sighs* it's confusing me *sighs* 


Me: I'll try updating soon, I haven't had internet lately, sorry <3 xxxx


Katrina's P.O.V

"Hey Kat" Zayn smiles through the laptop screen. "Hey Zayn, how are you?" I smile slightly. Zayn shrugs. "Zaynnnnn!!! I bought you Nando's, your usu- Katrina?" Niall cuts himself off. I hesitate to answer. It's been five and a half months and Niall hasn't talked to me once. "H-Hey Niall" I say barely above a whisper. 

Zayn looks at me sympatheticly. "Hi" he whispers. "Niall! Hurry up or Hazza will steal your motorbike!" Lou's voice shouts. I breath deeply. 

"Alright, I'm coming, see ya Zayn" Niall grins. "Bye babe" he winks at me and walks off. I sigh and bang my head against my desk.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's alright" Zayn says. I groan and shake my head. "Babe!!" Eb's voice floats through the hotel room. She skips into my room and hugs me from behind. "Hey Zayn!" She grins waving. "Hey Eb" Zayn grins waving back.

"Anyways, we have to go, it's our last show!!" Eb squeals. I grin. "Ok, bye Zayn" I smile. "Bye Kat, good luck girls, have fun!" Zayn blows us kisses. I grin and hang up. 


"Thank you guys so much!!" Ally grins waving. "Thank you for sticking with us through our weirdness, it's the last show of our tour" I say. "But we will be back soon!" Ally yells grinning. I nod, agreeing with her.

"Thank you all so much" I repeat. "WE LOVE YOU!!" Ally and I scream together. We jump down a trap door and land on an air matress thingy mabobby.

We climb off of the air matress thing laughing and talking about our last show.

I see the boys, mum, Dave and Nevil standing there together. 

I grin and run over to mum first. I hug her tightly and kiss her cheek. She grins and holds me close. I hug Dave tightly and Nevil. 

Lou grins at me. I grin and hug him tightly. He spins me around and sets me down. I hug all the boys except Niall and Zayn. Niall is looking at me with his arms crossed and Zayn is smiling at me.

I run over to Zayn and jump into his arms. He spins me around. We hug for ages, just standing there hugging.

Someone clears their throat. I step away from Zayn and hug Ally and Eb. 

Our backstage crew gathers around, forming a circle around us. "Okay guys" Ally starts. "We pulled a name out the hat to make a speech and the person was the one, the only...KATRINA ROSE!!" Eb yells. I laugh.

"Thank you all for hoining us throughout this crazy, weird ride" I smile. "Ally, Eboni and myself are all extremely thank ful. Without Tim, Chris, Rocko and everyone else in the back stage crew this tour would not have happened. I love you all so much and I am really thankful to you all" I grin.

"My family" I smile. "Mum, Dave and Nevil. I would not be here without you guys, I love you three so much, I love you more than, I just love you" I smile. "My best friends" I pause. "I wouldn't be here without you lot. You guys are complete idiots, but you're my idiots. And I love you" I grin at the boys. They chuckle.

"Aaliyah Reed and Eboni Sadney. I would not be on this tour without you two, literally" we chuckle. "Thank you girls for everything, I love you" I hug them tightly.

"LONG LIVE TEAM KABONI!!!" I yell. "LONG LIVE TEAM KABONI!!" Everyone yells. I grin and hug all of our backstage crew.

"Kat, can we talk?" Zayn asks. I nod and follow him into some random room.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asks. I look at him shocked. "Zayn" I pause.

Niall's P.O.V

I watch as Zayn and Katrina go into another room. Together. Alone. Nah, Zayn wouldn't do that. Would he? I suppose I was being a total idiot to Katrina for the ladt five months. I grosn and pull my hair.

"Put me down weirdo!" Katrina shrieks, laughing. "Neverrrrr!!!" Zayn yells running past me with Katrina hanging over his shoulders.

"Is there something you aren't telling me?" Lou asks raising his eyebrow. "Well..." Katrina trails off.

"Katrina and I are dating" Zayn grins putting his arm around Katrina. My eyes widen. I look at my feet and keep my tears in. 

"Naw!" Eb and Ally squeal. "I blame you for spliting Kiall Roran up" Ally hisses as she walks past me. I nod my head.

"Let's go!" Eboni says skipping outside. We all follow her and go to the girls hotel.


I watch Zayn and Katrina cuddling in jelously. Why can't that be me? I sigh and dig my head into a pillow.





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