Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


8. Application

Katrina's P.O.V

-------Back in England------

I sigh. I can't stop thinking about Niall James Horan. I have no idea what's going on. I think I like him but gah, it's confusing!

"Hey" Niall smiles joining us in the kitchen. Speaking of the devil. 

I smile at him and continue eating. "So how have you been?" Niall asks sitting down beside me. I shrug. "Fine" I state. He nods. I sigh, this is awkward.

I stand up and jog to my room, escaping the awkwardness. I slide my trackies on and throw my hair into an up high pony tail. I grab my song book and a pen. I put them in my bag and jog downstairs.

"Tell everyone I went out" I say to Niall grabbing an apple. He nods. "Where are you going?" He asks. I look around trying to think of a lie. "Just for a drive" I shrug. He nods.

I wave and walk out the door. I get in my car and drive to my studio. I have my own studio, sort of. My father and mum bought an old shed and never used it, so I put the old instruments I scored into it and decorated it and made it my own.

I have a piano, a few guitars and some other instruments I picked up in my life. I go into my studio. 

I place my bag on a chair I have in my studio and grab my song book. 

I sit down in the chair next to the chair which has my bag on it. I lean over and grab my favourite guitar. I smile and start strumming.

Niall's P.O.V

We sneak into the shed. Kat has her back to us. She's strumming on a guitar. This place is amazing. I go to open my mouth. Ally slaps her hand over my mouth. 

"I'm tugging at my hair,

I'm pulling at my clothes" Kat sings. Ally's mouth drops open.

"I'm trying to keep my cool, I know it shows" Kat sings while playing the guitar.

"I'm staring at my feet,

My cheeks are turning red,

I'm searching for the words inside my head" Kat sings. We all look at each other shocked. None of us knew Kat could sing this well.

"Cause I'm feeling nervous,

Trying to be so perfect,

Cuase I know you're worth it,

You're worth it,

Yeah" Kat sings.

"If I could say what I want to say,

I'd say I wanna blow you... away,

Be with you every night,

Am I squeezing you too tight,

If I could say what I want to see,

I want to see you go down,

On one knee,

Marry me today,

Guess, I’m wishing my life away,

With these things I’ll never say" Kat sings.

"It don’t do me any good,

It’s just a waste of time,

What use is it to you,

What’s on my mind,

If it ain’t coming out,

We’re not going anywhere,

So why can’t I just tell you that I care" Kat sings passionately.

She sings the pre-chorus and the chorus.

"What’s wrong with my tongue,

These words keep slipping away,

I stutter, I stumble,

Like I’ve got nothing to say" Kat sings.

She sings the pre-chrous and the chorus one last time and puts the guitar down. 

She turns around and gasps. "How long?" She trails off. "The whole song" Zayn says. She sighs. "You are so good" I blurt out. Everyone looks at me. 

"Thanks" she says avoiding eye contact with anyone. "Why haven't you ever sang like that before?" Harry asks. Kat waves us over. Everyone except me sits down. There's no more chairs.

"Sit over here" Kat says standing up. I sit down. "Ok so" Kat starts walking around in circles. She comes near me. I pull her onto my lap and hold her there so she can't make me dizzy. She leans onto me.

"I used to sing in my normal voice until my parents broke up. My father used to say I should go on the X-Factor and stuff so when my father went away I refused to sing" Kat says. "For three years I flat out refused to sing at any time" Kat adds. 

"I missed singing so I sung in my fake voice, the one you all know" Kat says. "So yeah" Kat shrugs. 

"You know what" Lou says suddenly. "What?" I ask. "Ally and Kat should go onto the X-Factor together" Lou shouts excitedly. Kat and Ally look at each other and shrug. 

"The applications are being sent in now, come on let's fill it out" Ally grins. Kat grabs a computer and sits down next to Ally on the floor. We crowd around the girls and the computer.

Kat clicks on the group section and starts filling it out with us all helping. "Put your adress in" Ally says. Kat nods.

'X-Factor Application:

Name of act: Kally

Number of people: Two

People's names: Katrina Rose and Aaliyah Reed

Ages: 18 and 19

Adress: 134 Fragment Street England

Phone number: **********


"What song should we sing?" Kat asks turning to Ally. "What about the one you just sang?" Ally asks. "Things I'll never say?" Kat asks. Ally nods excitedly. She shrugs and types it in.

"Ok, send it in" I grin. Kat shakes her head and bites her finger nail. 

Ally does the same thing. Harry reaches past Ally and Kat and presses send. Ally and Kat squeal together and hug each other. We surround the girls in a famous 1D group hug. They chuckle. 

Ally turns the computer off. "Here's the guitar chords" Kat says handing the guitar chords to Ally. "Let's go home" I smile leading the girls outside. The guys and Ally pile into the car and drive off. Kat chuckles and sits in the drivers seat of her car.


I get into the car. Kat and I sing the whole way home. We get out the car and walk into the house laughing our heads off together.



"Mumma" Kat calls 

out. Kat's mum hugs Kat tightly. "Ally and I auditioning for X-Factor" Kat says. "That's fantastic!" Judy squeals hugging Ally and Kat tightly. "That's amazing!" Dave yells hugging them. "Kawena! Awwy!" Nevil yells. Kat bends down and picks him up. She kisses his nose and goes back to Judy, Dave and Ally. 

"Good job girls" Dave smiles. "This is nice and all" Lou pauses. "But Kat and I need to discuss some buissiness" Lou says. "So see ya" Kat calls out running upstairs with Lou.

The phone rings. I pick it up. "The Rose family house" I say. "Who's this?" A voice snaps. "Who are you?" I ask. "Frenchy" Frenchy says. I clench my teeth and breath heavily.

"Who is it?" Judy asks. I cover the speaker thing. "Frenchy" I growl. Judy rolls her eyes and takes the phone from me.

"Francesca" Judy growls. "Oh please" Judy snorts. "I don't care Francesca!" Judy screams. She starts speaking in a different language. 

"Auf Wiedersehen" Judy yells and slams the phone down.

"You said a lot of bad words there mum" Kat chuckles reappearing in the kitchen. "I forget you learnt German" Judy says. "Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and more" Kat says flashing us a grin.

"My little star" Judy chuckles kissing Kat's head. Kat shrugs and runs off with food. 

I like girls who can speak in different languages :D 


We had no questions this time :O I was like, hang on, no questions? Ok, anyways, the song is Things I'll never say by Avril Lavigne, check it out on youtube :D , yeah, ok, love you guys <3 xoxo 


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