Winter brings surprises

{Book Two} Winter's here and winter will bring surprises. One Direction have released their second album. Aaliyah has passed her nursing exams and is now a qualified nurse and Katrina has taken up modeling. Katrina is quite a famous model in the modeling world. What all seven of them don't know is that they will meet again very soon thanks to fate. *I would suggest to read A summer to remember first :)*


5. Ally's parents

I'm going to do the questions first today :D

Question: To Jack: Why were you at Kat's house?

Jack: Because I want my Kat back

Kat: YOU dumped me -_-

Question: To Mrs. The lady with the cats: What was your first impression of Kat?

Mrs. Johnson: What a lovely girl! She MUST have one of these kittens!

Question: To everyone: Who do you think gets married first?



Niall: ALLY AND HAZ!!!





Nevil: Mum and Dad :D

Question: To Mrs. Kat's mother (Judy): Can you bake me a cake :333? And then send it to me >:000

Judy: I can make a cake for you dear, but it would be quite hard to send a cake in the mail. I can try if you want *shrugs*.

Kat: I'll eat it for her *shrugs*

Question: To le* Zayn: How are you and Perrie? <3

Zayn: Very good, thank you, I love her :)

Question: To everyone: What's your favourite movie?


Harry: The notebook or Love Actually

Katrina: Modern Family and Big Bang Theory

Lou: GREASE!!!! Kat...Modern Family and Big Bang Theory are TV shows


Nialler: Grease, along with Lou :D

Question: To everyone, what is your favourite soda?

Kat: Vanilla Coke by far! Vanilla coke is amazing!

Niall: Lemonade, lemonade is amazing!

Ally: Pepsi :D

Harry: I'll agree with Ally on this ;)

Lou: Of course you will :] Anyways, fanta is the best!

Zayn: Mountain Dew

Liam: Sprite

Harry: Sprite is literally lemonade *smirks at Liam*

Liam: *Rolls eyes*

Question: To Ally and Kat: who is the cutest of the boys?

Ally: *whispers* Harry

Kat: *whispers* Niall

Harry and Niall: AWW THANKS GIRLS!

Ally and Kat: What have we done? *face palm*

Question: To Ally: Do you love Harry a lot?

Ally: I might *blushes uncontrollably*

Kat: She does.

Question: To everyone: Cake vs ice cream? 

Kat: Obviously ice cream :D


Kat: Good girl, good girl

Nialler: Y-your making me choose between two foods? I just can't choose *runs off crying*

Harry: He's a weirdo... but cake.

Liam: Ice cream. No. Cake. No. Ice cream. No. Cake. No Ic-

Zayn: He'll choose ice cream. I choose cake.

Lou: Cake, or Kat would kill me for taking her ice cream. She has a thing for ice cream?

Question: To everyone: If you were a cake, what cake?

Liam: CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Lou: Carrot cake :D with marzipan :D

Ally: Chocolate sponge cake :)

Nialler: A wedding cake. 

Kat: An ice cream birthday cake

Harry: Strawberry cake :)

Zayn: Hmm, this is a thinker...

Lou: *In a sassy voice* It's not that hard to decide *does clicky thing with fingers*

Zayn: Calm it carrot boy! I would be Perrie's birthday cake, because it would make her happy :D

Question: To everyone: Describe each other with three words (Kat describe Niall, Niall describe Harry, Harry describe Louis, Louis describe Liam, Liam describe Ally, Ally describe Zayn, Zayn describe Kat)

Kat: Nialler, Nialler is funny, foodloving and IrishCuteAmazingWondefulUnderstanding- It's one word XD

Niall: Harry, Harry is weird, catloving and English

Harry: Louis, how to describe Louis, Lou is fun, crazy and weird

Louis: Liam is sensible, fun and kind :D I love you Liam <3

Liam: I love you too Lou <3 Ally is, crazy, Harryloving :P and caring

Ally: Zayn is mysterious, turtlelike and quite frankly amazing!

Zayn: AHAHAHAHA XD TURTLELIKE XD Okay anyways, Kat is crazy, broken and as Haz would say, our Sunshine :D

Kat: That's more than three words, but anyways, I am a b

roken girl *nods knowingly*

Zayn: But your our broken girl <3 *hugs Kat*

Question: To everyone: food vs television

Niall: FOOD

Kat: You can't live without food.

Ally: Televsion

Liam: Again? really? Food

Harry: Food, you have internet you can watch things on...

Ally: Good point Harold! I CHANGE MY ANSWER TO FOOD!

Zayn: Food

Lou: Food


Kat: I don't know

Niall: *whispers* I do

Question: To Ally Bear: Can you describe Harry in ten words?

Ally: He needs more words to describe him but okay... weird, funny, nice, caring, fun, kind, understanding, understandable, catloving and entertaining to watch :)

Question: To Louis: do you miss Kevin?

Louis: Why would I miss Kevin? He's sitting right over th- WHO TOOK KEVIN????

Liam: The answer is yes :)

Question: To Ally, can you sing????

Ally: I can indeed :D

Kat: She can *nods knowingly*

Question: To Kat: can you describe Niall in ten words?

Kat: No, it's impossible, in a good way :) 

Question: To everyone: what's your favourite type of doggies or in Harry's case, cats?

Harry: Rag doll

Ally: border collie :D

Kat: German Shepherd!!! I LOVEEEEEE THEM SO MUCH!!

Niall: Golden Retriver

Liam: Lab

Zayn: King Charles Spaniel

Lou: KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS MY KEVIN??????

Kat: His favourite is golden retriver :)

Question: To nevil: what is it like to be around seven crazy teenagers all the time?

Nevil: It's loud, very loud. But it's pretty cool, they all care about me which is nice. Oh and by the way Louis, yes I do ship Kiall Roran :D


Lou: *chuckles evily*

Question: To everyone: what type of names for a baby do you like?

Ally: Darcy for a girl, Alexander for a boy :)

Harry: Darcy- boy or girl.

Kat: Nevil XD 

Nialler: Niall junior XD

Liam: Crystal

Lou: Shakespear.

Zayn: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Rolling around on the floor laughing* SHAKESPEAR!!!!????

Lou: What have you got? *raises eyebrow*

Zayn: Maggie :)

Kat: Well that was our last question :) So join us next time for more retarded people answering your questions :D 


Aaliyah's P.O.V

"Hey mum" I whisper trying not to wake anyone up. "Hey sweetheart" she says. Mum and I talk for a bit before she claims 'dad was calling her'. She does that a lot lately. 

It's like she doesn't want to talk to me. "What's up?" Harry's morning voice says from behind me. "Eh" I shrug. "I never should have said hello" Kat sings. Harry and I look at each other shocked. 

"I knew she could sing" Harry trails off. "But not this good" Nialler says quietly. Kat doesn't realise we're here and keeps singing and dancing, really well.

"Ew I have to go to the gym" she grumbles to herself. Nialler and I look at each other cunfused. Harry just shrugs.

Katrina's P.O.V

"I'll update this for my lovelies" I mumble to myself clicking the publish button on my Movella Call Me Kat.

Ally will be very happy with me, that's if she still reads it. I stand on the scales and look at my weight. 

Three kilograms heavier than yesterday. My modeling teacher will yell at me to no end. "Ew I have to go to the gym" I grumble to myself.

I grab an apple and run upstairs to grab my bag and get changed. I run into my room. Everybody except Nialler, Haz and Ally are here. They might have heard me!

I don't normally sing how I can sing. I sing in my fake voice. I used to sing in my normal voice and my father would always listen and say I should go on The X-Factor or the Voice or something. When he moved away I didn't like to sing because it reminded me too much of him.

For three years, I flat out refused to sing. I missed singing so I started singing again, but in my fake voice. The voice I sing with could be classified as a good singing voice but my proper one is a lot better. 

I change into my gym wear and grab my bag. I jog downstairs to find someone to tell. I see Ally, Nialler and Haz discusing something.

"Boys and Ally" I say. They all jump and look over to me. Niall just stares at me. I start getting uncomfortable and hold my bag in front of me.

"I'm going to the gym" I say. "You hate the gym" Haz states. "Tell that to my modeling teacher thing" I smirk. I grab my phone off the counter and plug my earphones in.

I walk to the gym, enjoying the fresh air. I get to the gym and go inside. I go straight to the tredmill.


An hour session at the gym is quite enough for me. I walk out into the cold London air and shiver. It suddenly got freezing and I didn't have the thought to bring a jacket. I groan to myself.

I spot a Gloria Jeans and go in. I'm surrounded by warmness and my nose is filled with the smell of coffee. I walk up to the counter,

"Can I please have a white hot chocolate?" I ask. "Anything else today?" The cashier asks obviously bored. "A melting moment" I say. The cashier nods and hands me my melting moment.

I sit at a booth and wait for my drink.

"Katrina!" The cashier yells out. I collect my drink and take my seat again.

I sip on my drink while updating Call Me Kat. I change my profile.


Heeeellllloooooo!! The name's Kat :) Krazy Kat XD

Hazzies_Bear is my favourite<3

Hazzies_Bear is mine so back off >:| Nah just joking! But she is mine <3

The boys are also mine<3

My little brother is mine<3 

Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are PERFECTION<3<3<3<3

We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatiable with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutal weirdness and call it love - Dr Seuss'

I press save and go onto Ally's account. She recently changed her name from Lil_Horan2 to Hazzies_Bear.

I go back onto my account and start writing a new chapter to Call Me Kat.

Call Me Kat is a movella about a girl moving to a new school in Australia and trying to fit in. The girl is me except she has no friends except one, who is with the popular kids and ignores Kat whenever his other friends are around. Kat is madly in love with her best friend even though he is a complete idiot.

Call Me Kat has ten thousand reads, nine thousand likes and a lot of comments. 

'I sigh as I walk along. I shouldn't have trusted him! He's just like the other popular idiots! I wipe my tears away as I hear the populars behind me. My 'best friend', my only friend and my crush just bullied me. "What's the matter Kat?" Ty asks caringly. Since when does he care about me?

"Nothing" I mutter pushing him away. He sighs. I look around. The others are hanging back. "I love you" Ty says before I black out'

I quickly edit the chapter and publish it. He he he, I'm evil! I left it on a cliff hanger. I'll update tomorrow, I can't leave them waiting to long. Them as my readers. I see Niall come in. I quickly log off and and close the app.

"Hey Katy" Niall grins. "Hey Nialler" I smile. "Come home" Niall says. I stand up and throw my rubbish away. I get in the boys car. Nialler sits in the drivers seat and drives us home.

We get out and go inside. I quickly shower and change into trackies and a random shirt and hoodie. I live for hoodies and trackies.

I sit down next to Nialler and Lou. "What's up?" I ask. "It's Ally's birthday next week" Haz says. I look at him.

"By your look I'm guessing I didn't have to tell you that" Haz mumbles. I nod. "Well my mum wants me home for my birthday so I'm going to Hawaii and I was wondering if you guys wanted to tag along" Ally grins. "Yes!" I grin. Nialler and Lou nod.

"Okay we leave in three days" Ally grins. "We'll be together anyways, but you may want to tell your works" Ally grins. 

"Mum" I call out. She rushes downstairs. "Yes you can go" she chuckles. I grin and hug her tightly. I ring my works and cancel for the next two weeks. Just in case.

The boys do the same thing except they ring Simon or whatever.

"I updated" I whisper to Ally. "I know, you left it on a cliff hanger" she grumbles playfully. I chuckle. "Sorry" I whisper. "Just update soon" she whispers. I nod.


We land in Hawaii and get our bags. We get in the car and drive to Ally's house. None of us have ever been to Ally's house before.

"This is my house" Ally grins parking the car. We get out the car and Ally knocks on the door. A lady around her thirties swings the door open.

"AALIYAH!" She screams. "MOM!" Ally screams back. "I've missed you baby girl" her mum says pulling Ally in for a hug.

"AALIYAH!" A man a bit older than Ally's mum yells. "DAD!" Ally yells back. They hug each other. "Mom, dad, this lot are my best friends, this is Katrina, Louis, Harry, Niall Zayn and Liam" Ally says.

"Aaliyah has told me so much about you all" he mum says. She hugs all the boys first. Her dad shakes their hands. 

"Katrina" Ally's mum smiles. I smile. "Hello Mrs Reed" I smile. "You're a proper English, Irish lady" she grins hugging me. I hug her back. "You were raised well sweetheart, I'm Cindy and this is Fredrick" Cindy says.

"Hello" Fredrick hugs me. "Hello" I smile. "Let's get you all settled" Cindy says leading Ally and I inside. 

"Aliyah you sort out who's sleeping where" Cindy says and runs off. "Sorry about her" Ally chuckles turning to the boys and I. We all shrug.

"Us two will share and you boys can figure the rest out" Ally says taking me to her bedroom. I chuckle.


"Dinner!" Cindy calls out. Ally and I race downstairs. I love Ally so much. She is the funniest chic in the whole world.

The boys and Fredrick are already sitting at the table. Ally and I take our seats next to Harry and Nialler.

"What do you do?" Fredrick asks me. "I'm a model" I say. "How did you meet the boys and Aliyah?" Cindy asks me. "I met the boys because I was their hair, clothes and make-up stylist and they took me to Hawaii for summer and then I met Ally while taking a walk" I say. I eat the rest of my dinner in peace. Luckily i didn't have to answer anymore questions.

Ally's mum and dad focused on the boys. 

I feel Ally nudge me. I look at her. She looks down. I follow her gaze. She is passing me her phone. I take it and read the note,

'Sorry about the questions :/

It's fine :)

I type back and pass it back to her. We talk on her phone for the rest of dinner. 

"Well Kat and I are off to bed" Ally says standing up.

I nod. Cindy and Fredrick hug us goodnight and we go to bed.

"Ok, now start updating" Ally orders handing me a computer. I smirk and log in.

I start writing a new chapter. 

There's a knock at the door. "Ally" Harry calls. "Go on" I whisper. She grins. "Good luck" I grin. She nods and slides out the door making sure Harry doesn't see the movellas website. Neither of us want the boys to know because they will accidently let it slip out to their fans. We want people to read our movellas because they want to not because they're fans of One Direction and the boys told them to.

The boys wouldn't mean any harm but still.

I save the chapter and log off. I log off of the computer and put it on the desk.

Ally comes into the room with a giant smile on her face. 

Ally's P.O.V

I follow Harry outside.

"You see those stars" he says pointing to the milky way. I nod. "They're beautiful" Harry says. "They are" I agree. "But not as beautiful as you" Harry says. I blush.

"I talked to your dad" Harry says. I nod. "He said I could date you with his permission" Harry states. I smile. I knew my dad would like Harry. "I was wondering if you wanted to be mine again?" Harry asks. I grin.

"Of course I will be" I grin. He smiles and hugs me tightly. We walk back inside. "Goodight beautiful" Harry says. "Goodnight Hazza" I grin. He kisses my cheek and walks me to my room. I kiss his cheek and go into my room.

I smile widely at Kat.

"Harry and I are back together" I grin. She jumps up and rushes past me. Okay then?...

"HALLY STREED IS BACK TOGETHER!!!" Kat squeals. "OH MY GOSH!" Niall squeals. I walk into the living room.

Kiall Roran are jumping around squealing. Yes, I call them Kiall Roran. I don't care if they aren't together, I still call them Kiall Roran. They are together in my head XD

I slide into my bed and fall asleep.


I had my first day of school today :) I got to sit next to my best friend :D <3 Bye xxx <3



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