The Diary Of Tom Marvolo Riddle

This is what I think Ginny Weasley would of written to Tom Marvolo Riddle, via the diary that Lucius Malfoy snuck into her cauldron at Flourish and Blotts, in Diagon Alley.
Hope you enjoy!!


3. Tom, there has been another attack...

Tom, there has been another attack...


Another attack? On whom, may I ask?


On a boy called Colin Creevey. He's in my year and is muggle-born. He is also a Griffindor.


A muggle-born, a first year and a Griffindor... Hmm...


Tom, do you know anything about these attacks??


No, I do not. However, I think you should be on your guard, and let me know if anything strange happens. Also, it is imperative that you let me know straight away if there is another attack, or any period of time that you cannot remember.


I will, Tom. Thank you. Do you think that Harry knows that I exist, yet??


I'm not sure... But, I assure you, he will by the end of the year...


Thank you, Tom.


I must go now.


Bye, then, Tom.



Sorry again about the wait. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!

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