Why Movellas Rocks

So, you may have heard of all those Movella Rant Books right? Well. Say good bye to negativeness and say HEL-LO TO POSITIVENESS! Why Movellas Rocks!!!


4. A/N

So..as you probably know..I was part of the "why Movellas sucks" movella. I looked through all the comments and y'all gave really good points, I started thinking about all the great things about Movellas, there are way more positive than negative! So yeah....



Anyways, every week (or day...yes day...) every day, I will be adding a new chapter called "Shoutout of the day" 
I will be randomly picking a Movellian (not just my fans,) and they will get a shout out, I will write lots about them! (good things that is!) So yes! I will be doing the first one soon! xD


Chickens rule the world,


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