Why Movellas Rocks

So, you may have heard of all those Movella Rant Books right? Well. Say good bye to negativeness and say HEL-LO TO POSITIVENESS! Why Movellas Rocks!!!


2. #1 Layout and Design

Now, when my friend told me about Movellas, I was quiet excited to search it up. So when I got home that day, I went onto my laptop and searched up "Movellas." 

I clicked on the link and what I saw was amazing. I felt that the front screen  looked so inviting and eye catching! I loved the colours, blue and green go really well together :) Also, the layout of how its set up. Competitions and other news are clearly stated in the middle, with the screens switching, Featured Movellas and Mumbles were below them, and the Activity feed was also there too. The tabs up the top which say Stories, People Groups, Competitions, Blog, Mumbles and Forum are really good there because if anyone is lost you can just click that!

When you log in, you are taken to your profile page.  I find it awesome, because you can change your background, add a profile and you can even see your fans down the side! The layout would be eye catching to anyone who joins (well it did for me!)


That's why the Layout and Design of Movellas Rocks! 

(sorry if it didn't make sense, you'll get what I mean!) 

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