My Disaster Story

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  • Published: 19 Jul 2014
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This is a short story i wrote when i was in grade 8. i know it is probably terrible compered to others........ but i did put a lot of effort into it, so i thought i may as well shear it........ hope you enjoy


1. My Disaster Story


Hello my name is Sam short for Samantha and I am 19 years old. I am going to tell you a disaster story that my best friends was part of when I was 15 years old. The disaster was a huge mud slide the closest major thing to The Twin Towers. The mud slide happened in LA, June 8th 2007. I use to live in LA and made plenty of friends. I moved to Australia when I was only a few days into my 14th year. So I hadn't been in Australia that long and haven't fitted in and made new friends at all. I remember almost every second of when the mud slide happened.


I first herd it on the radio, I was walking home from school so the radio was on my iPod. I always listen to the radio and when a disaster like this happens it’s on all the time so I couldn't have missed it anyway. At first I thought it was nothing but I decided to leave the radio on and listen to it. The thing that made me listen more is that it made world news and when I heard it was a huge mud slide in LA I ran home and quickly turned the TV on wile huffing and puffing in shock and thinking the unthinkable. Then the TV was showing a helicopter view of the wreckage and then suddenly I saw one of my best friends mum’s car amongst all the rubble. I was in shock I couldn’t believe it I didn't want to believe it. I had 8 really good friends and they all live in the same aria.


About half an hour after I got home, mum came home and told me the bad news, the very bad news. When I heard what she said I was speechless I didn't know if she was telling the truth or not. She told me that about 280 have been killed already and the death toll is still rising quick and 7 of my very good friends were part of that death toll with their families and Savannah one of my other friends was very badly hurt. After a few seconds I new mum was serious and then I fell to the ground with tears.


The mudslide happened on a Friday so on the Sunday we (mum, dad and my older brother Jason) flew up to LA where there was no damage and had a funeral and then went to see Savannah the one that survived, I couldn't really see her much because she was very badly injured. I did here that savannah would have to loose both her legs so that was another terrible thing. We flew back to Australia Monday morning. I didn't go to school that Monday because I was still very upset and depressed. I looked at the news one more time and it was true the death toll had risen so much more than what it was and there also was a missing toll. After watching that I turned the TV off and watched a girly movie with mum.


The next day I thought I was fine for school so I went, I went to my first class and I couldn't think, I started thinking about my friends and what had happened. Finally i was able to get through that class without doing anything. I new I couldn't last the rest of the day so I wagged, I had never wagged before though. Anyway it was a better experience then what would have happened at school. I walked to a near by park and just sat on a swing looking at the forest around the park. I rang Savannah and talked to her for a few hours true it was dark over in LA but I wanted to talk to someone. I didn't say much because she was the least of my good friends but I was very surprised because she helped me so much, so that made me tell her more. Even though she had lost both her legs, she was so positive. She was still sad and she told me her problems so we ended up helping each other. Later I just listed to my music on my iPod until it was time to walk home.


When I got home I asked dad if we could move up to LA and I got the sense it was a no. That night I told mum I wagged, I thought I would be in deep trouble but to my surprise my parents understood. i got into a little bit of trouble but not as much as i thought, I was and still getting so much support from my family, my friend Savannah and my class mates. Even though I couldn't move up to la Savannah and I email each other so much more than I ever did.


True when ever I think about the mud slide I still get very upset but I am able to get through my day and when I save up enough and I want to move up to LA and take a little more care of my friend Savannah who still needs lots of care. 


Thanks for reading........ Tell me your thoughts on it

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