lets make a story together

Paisley thought it was going to be a normal high school year same friends same enemies but then her family goes on a vacation to Tennessee during Thanksgiving break and it shook her world up one unforgettable day after the next


4. what the fuck just happened:Paisley

why can't he just leave me the fuck alone i obviously want to be left alone is it that hard to leave me alone am i that different of a species i mean honest to fuck what the hell

him: no i actually think there should be more you should ask

me; i am just saying like shit is getting so real this year i mean you can only deal with so much shit

him; sorry

me; its not your shitty life people make fun of you for what you used to be and other people you don't know if they have honest sympathy for you and then you have others that you just want to ignore them because if you tell them too much they turn around and tell everyone

him; what what were you

me; well i was this fat ass who was quiet but now i am not as fat i could use some more work i weigh 130 and now i speak my mind and i don't give a shit what people think like okay so history they start talking about the war and shit and people are saying how its a great thing and i say ya okay if you enjoy watching innocent children being murdered because of their parents decisions and then someone said well its not like they are targeting the kids and i got pissed and i said that doesn't mean jack shit children wouldn't be killed if people weren't fighting in the first place next thing i know we got into a political fight and i ended up slapping someone and getting a fucking detention

him:oh wow i mean i am not going to fight you on your opinions 

me:why not we have politic fights at my house about gay rights abortion and war and marijuana and religion 

him;oh wow ya i am not fighting you we are here

me;okay thanks

him;do you care if i swim with you

me; i don't care

him;okay thanks

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