lets make a story together

Paisley thought it was going to be a normal high school year same friends same enemies but then her family goes on a vacation to Tennessee during Thanksgiving break and it shook her world up one unforgettable day after the next


1. First day of school

holy shit why the hell do i have to come back here why couldn't I have just dropped out i hate Ohio i want to leave i hate this little tiny fucking town. oh yeah sorry i'm Paisley Nicole Oman and i go to this little Prison of a high school in Ohio known as Arcadia and as you can tell i just love it, no just kidding if you couldn't already tell i fucking hate this place, the only thing that gets me through the days are One Direction, don't ya just love Niall, and my best friend Miranda she is like an older sister to me even though i am four months older then her and its just because she has my back and i know that if someone is being a fucking bitch,Jessica, she will be there for me and by the way this is my senior year best year of my life fuck no because the only thing this school year brings me is dread because after this i am going to leave my family and have to be on my own and then there is college testing and then my medical testing cross your fingers the MRI is clear and i can get the fuck of these pills, damn seizures, and then my brothers are all over me acting like i am still fucking 5 even though it is quite sad when a 22 year old and a 27 year old are more immature then a 17 soon to be 18 year old but anyhow at least soon i get to be on vacation swimming and just getting away i mean the only down fall is my brothers and mother will be there but besides that perf well i have to go start packing vaca is in like 3 days and i still have yet to pack for a week so excited

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