lets make a story together

Paisley thought it was going to be a normal high school year same friends same enemies but then her family goes on a vacation to Tennessee during Thanksgiving break and it shook her world up one unforgettable day after the next


2. 2 days left of vaca and no swimming what the hell: Paisley

so my mom and i have been shopping all fucking day long and this bitch just told me she is too tired to go to the pool with me and she slumped down on the couch here is how the fight went on

me- mom can we go to the pool now please

mom-Paisley i am too tired my back and my feet hurt

me-mom all you have to do is read and sit there and make sure i don't have a seizure and drown

mom-NO paisley now drop it

me- okay fine (i left and changed and grabbed a towel and my iPhone)

mom- where are you going

me-to the pool i wont bother you any more i mean that's why the life guard is there

mom-Paisley get back here

me-(whip around) no i am tired of not being able to do what i want to do on vacations we did your shopping we did dads museum Davids hiking and Jacobs eating i want to do something so see ya later


and that's where the fight ended all i wanted was to go swimming and now,fuck, i am crying god damn it OUCH



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