Unexpected Love

For all of you who may not know Tina was not a very popular girl. She was not liked by a lot of people, Tina has only one best friend her name is Hilary. What happens when a boy she never thought would like her liked her, and then she figured something out that she did not expect. Read to find out what happens.


3. day is finally over

Harry’s POV

 When I saw someone unfamiliar, I knew I had to make her embarrassed on the first day. So I am Harry, I’m 17 years old, I am best friends with Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. I am currently single, but would want a girl to be with. I am not a guy who hangs out with nerds and I do not get fantastic grades, but I never fail my classes. “So that girl huh she looked unfamiliar.” I said to the boys. Louis answered back with a laugh, “ya she is so new by the way she gave harry that I’m embarrassed look.” RING, RING, RING. “Oh shit bell rang if I’m late again Mr. Van Wilson will give me detention”. “Got to go see you guys later”.

Tina’s POV

  Both me and Hilary were walking to our classes, we have all classes together. The office gave us all classes together so that we can be together. So far from the teacher I have met they are pretty nice to us. We got to our class it was science.  I don’t like science but I am not bad at it. Hilary is pretty smart at it though. The teacher introduced himself to us, his name is Mr. Lington.  After that he introduced himself he introduced himself he introduced us to the class. “Boys and girls we have two new student their names are Tina and Hilary, girls we can go take a seat”. I saw the guys with the guy who split the water were in my class but the bushy one was not in this class.


<<*skip rest of day*>>

Tina’s POV

School was finally over. It wasn’t that bad, we met up with Lucy she was with a whole bunch of people. She is always good at making friends. Sometimes I wish I was more like her, but then again I have Hillary who beats millions of girls because she is always with me. I saw my mom’s car and we all got in. “how was your first day at school girls”? My mom asked. “Good” we all answered.  We got home and me and Hilary went in our room we changed in to sweat pants and baggy shirt. We sat down and talked until dinner was ready.


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