Winning His Heart


Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are both in their 6th year at Hogwarts.
The fights between the two have gotten worse, but different emotions are starting to surface.
Draco can't seem to keep his eyes off of Harry, but the Chosen One still feels nothing but hate...for now.
Can Draco make Harry fall in love? Or will it all fail, with disastrous results.

warning this will be boyXboy sooo you know the drill


5. Chapter 5.

Harry's POV: 
Draco and I fell asleep shortly after we became official, and right now I was playing with his hair while he slept. He scrunched up his nose and eyes, and shuddered a little. I stopped running my fingers through his hair while he woke up. 

"Why'd you stop?" Draco mumbled with a sleepy grin. 
He took hold of my hand and put it back on his head. 

"I didn't know you were awake, baby." I said, stroking the hair off his forehead. 

"Baby?" He asked with a smirk. I felt myself flush and stuttered about how it slipped out. "Stop, Harry. I like it. It's cute, like you."

"Oh..." Was all I could say. I was most likely red as a tomato. 

"You are so adorable when you blush. Shall we go eat?" He suggested, holding has hand out to me, which I gladly took. 

"Sure. But first...let's get some clothes on, yeah?" I said with a small laugh. Draco nodded and put his clothes back on, as did I. We left the Room of Requirement hand in hand, and made our way to the Great Hall.

"What do we do now?" Draco asked me, looking towards the doors, behind which were all of our friends.

"Why don't we just...wait a bit before going public, okay baby?" I suggested to him. He gave me a small nod and kiss before entering the Great Hall. I took one last deep breath and strode over to the Gryffindor table, sitting in between Ron and Hermione. 

"Morning!" I greeted them. They both looked at me strangely. "What?" 

"Nothing, Harry. Where were you last night?" Hermione said slowly, studying my face as if searching for a clue. 

"I...uh, I just went for...for a walk! Yeah, just went for a walk." I told her with an unconvincing smile. She gave me a disproving look before turning back to her breakfast.

"Better not have been with that Cho Chang again." She muttered. 

"'Mione, I wasn't with Cho, okay? I will tell you when the time is right." I snapped. This whole time Ron had made the good decision, and kept his nose out of my business. 
The rest of the morning was uneventful, until Double Potions that is...finally I would be able to see Draco. 
I had to refrain from skipping all the way to the dingy dungeons, and instead had to groan when I walked through the doors. I took my seat next to Draco, slipping my hand into his. 

"Hey babe." He whispered in my ear. 

"Hey Dray."


"Yes, Dray." I chuckled, and we continued on like this until Slughorn gave us the instructions. 
Occasionally I would feel Draco's hand tickle my knee cap, and I would squirm, almost falling off of my seat. 

"Dray!" I screeched when my chair tipped over, and my head his the hard stone. I saw Draco rush down to me when everything went black. 
"Harry, baby?" I heard a faint voice whisper, or yell, I wasn't quite sure. 
I opened my eyes and saw Draco looking intensely at me, his grey eyes burning with worry. 

"Harry! Are you alright?" He asked, feeling my forehead and pecking my nose. 

"Er, who are you?" I asked him, deciding to have some fun. His eyes went wide, and he dropped my hand. 

"What?! Harry, baby please remember me!" He whimpered. 

"Oh, Dray I'm just messing with you" I laughed, massaging his thigh. Draco smacked my stomach before saying, "You're free to go now that you've woken up." 

"Good, I hate the hospital wing." I muttered, following Draco out the doors. 
We walked along to absolutely nowhere, just wandering. Suddenly Draco grabbed my hand and dragged me into a broom closet. 
He pushed his lips onto mine, and took hold of my hips. 

"Don't ever scare me like you did back there, okay?" He purred. 

"Y-yes." I answered, almost frightened by his domestic nature.
He kissed me again, but softer this time. 
I wanted to kiss him like this forever. 
Draco walked me to the Gryffindor portrait hole, gave me a passionate kiss, and left. 
I slowly opened the door and snuck up to my dormitory, stripping quickly and changing into pyjama bottoms. 
I got into bed, and fell asleep with a sincere smile on my face, the one only Draco could give me.

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