Winning His Heart


Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are both in their 6th year at Hogwarts.
The fights between the two have gotten worse, but different emotions are starting to surface.
Draco can't seem to keep his eyes off of Harry, but the Chosen One still feels nothing but hate...for now.
Can Draco make Harry fall in love? Or will it all fail, with disastrous results.

warning this will be boyXboy sooo you know the drill


3. Chapter 3.

||hi friends. Sorry this has taken a while, some stuff has been going on at home. But anyways, enjoy chapter 3!|| I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS|| 

Harry's POV~ 

I could not stop thinking about Malfoy. No matter how hard I tried. 
All night I dreamt about him, and I woke up craving his touch. How could this be happening? I am NOT gay, hell no! 
But...Draco's hands felt so nice, and the way he whispered my name when we kissed...and his eyes and lips and just...him. 
It's official. I like Draco Malfoy. 
I walked down to the Great Hall alone, having told Ron and Hermione that I would be showering and wouldn't be able to make it down with them. 
I entered the hall and took my place beside my two best friends. 

"You took long, mate. Everything alright? Did ya need to... Fix a situation?" He said with a hearty laugh. Hermione and myself turned bright red. 

"Ron! What the hell! No, I didn't." I said, still flushed scarlet because that is indeed one of the things I had done. 

"Mmhhmm. Alright." He chuckled. 
I started eating my breakfast, and glanced towards the Slytherin table. The ferret himself was staring right back at me. I blushed once more and looked back down at my food. 

"Why is Malfoy staring at you.?." Hermione spat. She had a hatred for him more intense than Ron and I's. 

"No clue." I muttered. It's not like I was about to say, "oh cause we made out and he jacked me off haha". 
I'm not stupid. 

Draco's POV(I just like getting both of their perspectives)~ 

Harry looked up at me from his plate, a shy smile on his face. When he realized that I was looking right at him, he flushed deep red and focused on his plate. Shame. I really do love his eyes. I love them even more when they are filled with lust, for me and only me, though. 
I had potions with the Gryffindorks first period, oh joy! And I mean real joy, because, well... Harry!
I was one of the first people in the potions classroom, so I simply sat down and played with my thumbs. 
As the class began to fill up, I searched the room for my raven haired prince. No sign of him, so far. 
The bell rang and still Harry was not to be found. 
About ten minutes later he sprinted in, his face tinged pink and his hair a mess.

"Ah, Harry m'boy! You're a bit late... Oh well, take a seat next to Mr. Malfoy there." Slughorn, a large, bald man with a huge moustache said cheerily to Harry. 
He plopped down beside me and gave me an awkward side way glance. 

"Hey..." He muttered. His face was getting redder by the second, and I thought it was adorable. I placed my hand on his thigh, and he shifted a bit so it wasn't as high. 

"Hey baby." I softly growled in his ear, nipping the lobe.

"Stop!" He shouted. Our classmates all turned to gaze at us, and Slughorn gave us a stern look. 

"Problem, boys?" He asked. 

"Ye-" Harry began, but I cut him off. 

"No, professor. Harry and I were just fooling around. My apologies." I said, giving him an 'embarrassed' smile. 

"That's quite alright Draco. Just don't let it happen again." He turned away from us and proceeded to take the tops off of three cauldrons. 

"Now...who can tell me what this first one is?" He asked the class. Of course, Granger's hand shot up first. 

"That's polyjuice potion, sir. It gives one the ability to change your appearance completely, or morph into someone else." She recited. 
{{I know that's not what she actually said but I'm going off of memory here LMAOOO}} 

"Good answer miss...?" 

"Granger sir."

"Good answer miss Granger! Now, do you know what this next one is?" 

"Yes, sir. That's the Draught of Living Death!" Granger said. 

"Precisely! Twenty points to Gryffindor for two perfect answers." Slughorn told her. "Now, let's give someone else a chance at this next one, shall we? Take a whiff Mr. Malfoy, and tell me if you can figure it out. " 

I put my face over the cauldron and inhaled deeply. It was the most amazing smell, and I couldn't stop breathing it in. 

"Alright there m'boy. Take it easy. What do you smell?" Slughorn asked me. 

"I smell... Green apple, a faint musky sort of smell, and...winter mint." Even when the lid was put back on the cauldron, I could still smell the intoxicating scent. I turned my head slightly towards Harry, and realized he was the source. 

"What are you looking at me for?" He snapped. 

"No reason. You just smell delicious." I purred stroking his leg under the desk. 

"Draco please stop." He whispered in a shaky voice. I knew he didn't want me to though. Although at that moment fat ass Slughorn decided to resume teaching us. 

"Now, I have the assignment. Whoever can make the best Draught of Living Death in the class will win one tiny bottle of Felix Felicis, or 'liquid luck'. You find the instructions on page 107. Time!"

If I won that little bottle of Liquid Luck, I could get together with Harry! And nothing could get in the way. I had to win that potion.
I heard Harry groan from beside me. 

"Everything okay?" I asked him. 

"No. My potions book is all written in, I can barely see the instructions!" He said tiredly. 

"Well...we could trade, if you like?" I suggested. Who knows, maybe I won't even need luck.

"Really? Oh, okay, thanks Draco!" He said with a bright smile on his face. 
We swapped books and I looked over the instructions, focusing on the little scribbles here and there. I came to the conclusion that they were also instructions. 
Deciding to follow them, I almost completely changed the way the potion was meant to be made. Strangely enough, the substance in my cauldron looked the way it should on stages of brewing way ahead of where I was... 
When the time was up, Slughorn came and inspected all of the potions, before heading to the front of the room and picking up the bottle of Felix Felicis. 

"Well, I'm sure you all want to know who the winner is...Draco Malfoy! Come up here son and get your prize!" He announced. I went up to him, and said my thank-you's, before reaching out to grab the small bottle. 
"Ah,ah,ah. One thing. Use it well. Not for sporting events, or tests, alright?"

"Yes sir." I replied, snatching the bottle and going back to my desk. I waved it in front of Harry's face, and blew him a kiss. He turned scarlet once more. 
I strode out the room with an air of confidence. Tonight, I would finally be able to call Harry my own. 

{{so there is chapter 3 friends! Hope you enjoyed, I'm going to start working on chapter 4 like right now! Kisses to my bitchessss and please vote + comment!!}}

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