Winning His Heart


Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are both in their 6th year at Hogwarts.
The fights between the two have gotten worse, but different emotions are starting to surface.
Draco can't seem to keep his eyes off of Harry, but the Chosen One still feels nothing but hate...for now.
Can Draco make Harry fall in love? Or will it all fail, with disastrous results.

warning this will be boyXboy sooo you know the drill


2. Chapter 2.

 △⃒⃘Chapter twooo!! Please enjoy xx

Harry's POV: 

The train slowly came to a stop at the Hogsmead Station, where threstral led carriages waited for us. Ron, Hermione and I made our way to one of them, and got inside. 

"Harry...please don't snap again, but what happened on your walk? You came back so flustered, Ron and I are worried." Hermione said. 

"It's nothing, I just ran into Malfoy and he said some rubbish about my parents. I'm fine now though." I replied with a fake grin. 

"Thank god, mate. Now let's get this thing moving so that I can eat!" Ron exclaimed, receiving an eye-roll from out bushy haired best friend. As though it read his thoughts, the carriage started to move along the winding road up to the grand castle. 
When we arrived, students spilled out of the carriages and swarmed into the warm, welcoming entrance hall, where we proceeded to the Grand Hall. 
When everyone was seated, a few words were said from Dumbledor before the sorting began. 
Professor McGonagall led the first years into the hall, all of them looking small and intimidated. They glanced at everyone the could, yet somehow trying to avoid eye contact. 
Confusing bastards, I thought. 
The Sorting Hat waited for everyone to be settled, then opened its wide rip of a mouth and sang. 

Let’s take a journey back in time
To this fine academy’s start
So I might weave a telling tale
Before I read what’s in your heart
You know we have four houses
Four places to sort your right
But now lock back into the past
When this was not the common sight
Once upon a time, in our beloved school,
Once upon a time, in our beloved school,
The students all sat as one
Learning from the founders four
Thought now those days are done.
There was a split, a feud, a war
Which set one against three
The students must be sorted right
For this, the four chose me.
Bravest lion, Gryffindor
Courageous, loyal, true
If in this noble house you belong
Great deeds are due for you.
Slyest snake, Slytherin
Ambitious, bold, smart
When I place you here, you’ll know
Heading places is your art.
Wisest eagle, Ravenclaw
Witty, sharp, quick
If you’ve got the best of brains,
Ravenclaw will do the trick.
Toiling badger, Hufflepuff
Hard-working, honest, tough
If these traits you prize the most,
This house has the right stuff.
Put me there upon your top
Let me see your thoughts.
Let me be the judge of you
And put you in your spots!
{creds to somewhere on tumblr, can't remember who!} 

"That was surprisingly calm, usually the song is about great danger and sticking together!" Hermione said in a hushed tone. 

"Maybe nothing's gonna happen this year..." Ron said with a snort. 

All of the first years were sorted, Gryffindor gaining eleven more students. Once everyone was seated, Dumbledor stood and spread his arms wide, as thought he was hugging everyone in the room. 

"To our new students, welcome! To our returning students, welcome back! 
I do hope you all had enjoyable summers, and that you are prepared for a year full of learning, magic, and memories! 
I have just a few reminders before we begin the feast.
Mr. Filch would like me to tell all of you once again, that magic is forbidden in the corridors, as is kicking Mrs. Norris. 
Also, the Forbidden Forest is strictly off limits, if you are seen exiting or entering the forest you will be...expelled. 
That is all, now, dig in!" 

Food of all kinda appeared, and everyone felt ravenous. 
The hall was filled with chatter, the sounds of silver wear on plates and Hermione sniffing in disapproval at Ron's bad table manners. 
When the feast ended, everyone followed the prefects to the common rooms, and waited to be let inside. 

"Guys, I'm going to go to the washroom, it's taking to long to be let inside. See you in like... Five minutes." I said, running down the corridor to the nearest set of stairs. 
Finally, after what must have been ten years, I found a washroom. 
After doing my business, I stood in front of the mirror trying to get my hair to lay flat. 
I was developing a crush on Ginny Weasley, and wanted to look nice. 

"You look fine, Harry. Stop touching your hair." A voice said from beside me. I jumped and turned my head so fast that I cricked my neck. 

"Malfoy.... Wait, did you just call me Harry?" I asked him, confusion written all over my face. He took two steps forward so that he was only inches from my face. 

{WARNING~ SOME WEAK SMUT SO SKIP IF YOURE NOT INTO THAT oh and also please don't report bc I know most of you love it ;)}

"I did. Problem, Harry?" He breathed, the signature Malfoy smirk plastered on his features. He looked me dead in the eyes, breathing very slowly. With those piercing grey eyes of his, I felt like they looked into my very soul. Almost timidly, he leaned in, closing his eyes. I stood stock still, not even aware as to what was happening. 
His lips brushed mine very gently, and I let out a small gasp, about to punch him right in the jaw. 
But Malfoy didn't think that's what my gasp meant, instead it led him on. 
He pressed his lips on mine again, harder this time. I reached round his body and grabbed the back of his robes, attempting to pull him off of me. 
Malfoy entwined his hands in my hair, his mouth working on mine furiously. When he pulled slightly on the ends of my hair at the nape of my neck, I accidentally let out a moan. The blonde ran his tongue over my bottom lip, pushing and asking for entrance...which I granted. 
Our tongues battles for dominance, but eventually he won, roaming my entire mouth. One of his hands stayed at my hair, the other trailed down to my arse, where he cupped it slightly. My hips bucked, and I could feel his arousal through both of our trousers. I'm sure mine was rather prominent as well. 
He lifted me up onto one of the sinks, and stood in between my legs, his hands on my thighs. 
He lowed his head and started to attack my neck, leaving love bites everywhere he could. I placed my hands on his shoulders and fisted his robes, moaning the entire time. He reached down and started to unbutton my trousers, when I puffed, 

"D-Draco... I'm not ready for that y-yet, okay?" 

He simply nodded, but continued unzipping my pants, his mouth never leaving my neck. I suddenly felt his hand on top of my erection, where it started to slowly move in circles. Intense waves on pleasure shook my body, and I cried out. 

"Are you alright love?!" Malfoy asked me , his eyes filled with worry and lust. 

"Y-yes. Keep going." I panted. "I'm just n-not used to that." 

He grinned at me, crashing his lips against mine once more. I felt his hand slip into my boxer briefs, and wrap around my length. He started to pump, slowly at first, but gaining speed with every moan and groan I gave him. 
A warm pressure built in my stomach, until I yelled out in such intense pleasure that I collapsed on to Malfoy, spilling my load onto his hand and robes. 
He softly kissed my neck, and looked up and me through his lashes. 

"Was that alright? I've been wanting to do that to you since the fourth year." He said smugly. 

Suddenly I realized what I had just done. Not only did I just receive a hand job from another male, but from Draco Malfoy, my sworn enemy since we were 11 years old! I pushed myself off of him, and walked to the door. 

"If you tell a soul about this, if you tell anyone at all, I will hurt you. This never happened. Leave me the fuck alone!" I spat, and strode out the door, back to my common room. 

My friends asked where I had been, and I simply told them I had gotten held up with a professor, before going to bed. 
My dreams were full of a boy with white blonde hair and grey eyes, kissing me through the night. 

Draco's POV: 

I watched Harry leave the bathroom, his words slowly sinking in. 
He didn't want me talking to him? Or being near him? Did the past 20 minutes mean nothing at all to him? 
I couldn't stop thinking about him, and how he was such a mess under my hand. I did that to him. 
Holy shit. 
Harry Potter's dick was in my hand. 
I touched him the way I've wanted to touch him for years, and it was amazing. 
I let out a huge whoop of joy, punching my fist in the air. Harry clearly enjoyed it, he was moaning my name the whole time! 
He's just in denial, I thought. It's not easy admitting to yourself that you're gay. 
I knew it might take a few days, or weeks, but I knew that sooner rather than later, Harry Potter would be crawling back for more. 

△⃒⃘Kay, so that right there ladies and gents, was my first attempt at smut. Was it alright? Chapter 3 is just getting finished up, should be ready in a few hours△⃒⃘

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