Updates & Myself

Hey! This isn't a story but this is an update about what's going in and why haven't I been updating lately, and also this is also where you can ask questions, and where I talk about myself, I decided to create this cause I hate when I have to put each update on each stories so why not in one, so yeah.


4. Writing Tips

Ello! Sooo

I decided to do some tops about writing, so recently you know that I've been doing wattpad and I deleted one of my stories Fall Once, I wasn't feeling that story so I'm doing another one soon but not now, anyways soo if you want to write a story on anything or a fanfic then I will give you tips now some tips that other writer gave to you that you read seem different then mine, but I will give you my own tips that I've been using for my stories and recently it gain to 2K or 1K anyways.

Writer tip

•you want to have a main idea in your head you may want to think of this head of time like (Ex: Werewolf, Vampire, Bullying, Romance, ect ect)

•before you post a chapter you want to re-read it so there aren't any errors, but if you are too lazy to re-read like I am sometimes, you can put at the top of the chapter 'Unedited' so people will know there some errors.

•now you can tell that I have 2K or 1K reads in some of my stories, but I didn't know till I went back on here and saw some reads? Like talk about awkward.

But anyways you don't want to worry about the reads just have fun with your story.

•now if it's like a romance story fanfic, and you really wanted to get to the part where the girl or the boy kiss each other, or the suspense part, you don't want to post it on a too early chapter like


Chapter 3

"Alright I forgive you Charlotte, please I love you", I said looking into her eyes, her eyes were watery and she lean in and brush her lips against mine and I crashed into hers.

Like that, I mean that's Chapter 3 which is too early. So try to make it longer.

•this is an option but you can add some humor to it if you want. To me writing is like me being the character and in my own world, so you can be in your own world too, that way the character is like you.

•this is another option, to plan out a date on when to post, like Mondays, Tuesdays any days, or you can post each day, for me I did each day but now I post on Mondays.

•sometimes you get tired of writing that's why I plan to do a pre-written chapters in the future so when you decided to post you can just post it without thinking.

•don't make the chapter short or super long, whatever feels like it's long enough then you can post.

•oh yeah, covers, now you know you can't judge it book by it's cover, so you can be creative with it, be cool, fun, nice, classy anything.

•AND ALSO! For the final part which is an option! I always like to make a joke at the end of my stories like an author note, sometimes I just want to like connect with you guys on something else then the story, like if they wanna talk about what they're feeling I can understand. And I like to have a signature name kinda of like

(~LiLi ^•^)

Like that but it's your choice if you want to do this.

Anyways I hope these works and I hope you guys ask me questions if you have any for me, so thanks for reading bye!

~LiLi ^•^

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