Updates & Myself

Hey! This isn't a story but this is an update about what's going in and why haven't I been updating lately, and also this is also where you can ask questions, and where I talk about myself, I decided to create this cause I hate when I have to put each update on each stories so why not in one, so yeah.


1. Update and Stories

Hey guys, so obviously in my blurb you see this is a update on each stories, and I know this sound useless but you guys can ask me questions or anything you want that about myself. But I will be updating this for awhile to tell you why have I not been updating on Teenager Spirits, Teenage Hearts **REMAKE**, Feeling the Opposite Again, and New Boy In Town.

It's that I have also other stories but they aren't in here they are in Wattpad

Like if you heard about A Weird Thing To Show You (Louis Tomlinson)

Hey How Ya Doin? Boy! (Zerrie fan fic) *completed*

American Girls (Harry Styles and X-Factor fan fic) *completed*

Fall Once (Niall Fan fic) *on Hold*

Hey How Ya Doin? Lil Boy! (Zerrie fan fic) *not completed* {On hold}

Uncovers Behind (just a teen fanfic, werewolves) *on hold*

But some are on hold cause I'm completing each story one at a time before I move on, so A a Weird Thing To Show You is almost finish on my wattpad, it just about Louis and El broke up and he was broken but Stevie Hudson found him and she decided to mend his broken heart, she is also the female version of him.

So I'm sorry that I haven't been updating in awhile. So so sorry and won't be getting on any time soon.

~LiLi ^•^

P.s that's my little nickname

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