Updates & Myself

Hey! This isn't a story but this is an update about what's going in and why haven't I been updating lately, and also this is also where you can ask questions, and where I talk about myself, I decided to create this cause I hate when I have to put each update on each stories so why not in one, so yeah.


2. Myself

Hey guys so! Since I tell you what's happening now it's time to introduce myself a little bit more since I think I never really talk about myself around here but I will. I will put random questions about myself.

1) when are you going to update more on Movellas?

Well...I told you that I won't be updating anytime soon.

2) you had a rumor one time but no body knows what was it?

It wasn't exactly a rumor that everybody knows and it was just think I need to delete one of my stories so I can catch up but I decided to out it on hold.

3) you basically have 12 stories, basically in wattpad and Movellas, and are you going to add one of your stories from wattpad to Movellas?

I was just think about that and recently three of my books is at 1K and I was happy and two of them are completed and I was thinking of I share one of the stories with you.

4) what is 'Hey, How Ya Doin? Boy' about?

Well it's a Zerrie fan fic as it's about a girl name Maddi-Ann and she was at the orphanage till she found out that her parents were Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, but once she met them there is a huge drama rollar coaster coming and well you should read it.

5) what inspired yourself to write stories?

Well...before wattpad and Movellas I'm a directioner obviously and there was an app called One Direction Community club it's like all things that are updated and people posting fan-fics, I wasn't really into fan fics that time took I read one of it and I decided that I want to make one, I forgot which band member I wrote about first but this app really sucks like it completely shuts off and nobody is going on it, but anyways I wrote it and people were like

"Haha I love this update please" and I didn't get to finish since it got...problems... So I look for another option on the App Store and found Movellas I download it and soon I wrote my first ever Teenage Heart, and I was a rookie wasn't a great writer, soon once I got used to it, I saw people saying 'wattpad' and I be honest I had no clue what the hell that was that time, but I keep seeing it so I search it and it was another community club where you read books and stuff, so I download it and I posted Hey, How Ya Doin? Boy and soon so many people read it and that's where it began.

6) what was your reaction to people reading New Boy In Town and it reached 2K and also Teenage Heart?

Amazing!!! It's even higher then my other stories, on wattpad.

7) what do you want to be when you grow up?

Professional dancer, but maybe I writer I don't know, I never thought myself as a writer.

8) your birthday was July 13 and it past, what age are you?

I'm 13..haha jk I'm 15, yeah it's quite young but I was born 1999, so yeah.

9) what did you do for your birthday?

Went to DisneyLand

10) do you have a boyfriend?

.........HAHAHAHAHA...oh me and a boyfriend pts yeah right, use to but we're over I rather stay single. You know what they say, stay single and eat some Pringles!

Well that's all I have, sooo...yeah...bye guys.


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