screams scare me ~ shattered horror ~

Lily's just an ordinary girl, but there's horrible things going on in her house. although it been abandoned and haunted (by demons) she thinks that there's just animals in the walls. she needs to be protected but there's no one to protect her through this.Lily's scared of screams she cant even watch a horror movie without not finishing it. She meets Josh Devine, (a fellow demon) who wants to suck the life out of her, to eat her soul, her blood and her memory. he loves her but he cant stop sucking out life of others.
will Lily change him?
will anyone stop him?


1. authors note :)

OK hi, im mrs_horan1509 and i'm welcoming you guys to 

"SCREAMS SCARE ME" which is a demonic story 

i am also looking for some co-authors so if you guys want please comment

because i wont be on that much cause i have school, homework, work and FRIENDS!

i also have family outing days .

um yeah so please feel free to message and i will begin my story!



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