My five brothers with a twist

What happens when Hannah find out that her five brother are keeping the biggest secret ever from her

Will one of them tell her?

Or with see find out her self???


8. chapter 6

Hannah pov:

" guys can I talk to you" I yelled " what's wrong Hannah" Louis said " ummm, they are coming for us" I said " who is"? They asked " SAMs pack" I said " who told you" they asked " Jacob" I said " Hannah you have to stay away from him" they glared " I know" I said " promise" Louis said " I promise" I said. " okay I need food" I said " wanna go hunt?" They asked " yes" I said.

Week later...

It's been a week since Jacob told be they are coming after us my brothers have been highly protective of me since I told them about it. They go hunt with me And are always by me. It's currently 7:00am I song sleep every well my brothers do except for harry he doesn't sleep at all. He's usually with his girlfriend India, she is so sweet, thank god she a vampire, we only met once but she's cool. Harry loves her to death they were like made for each other. It's actually kinda of cute how harry talks about her and always blushes when we bring her up in a conversation or even mention her name. Only saying this once:

harry actually found his soulmate/vampire❤️

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