My five brothers with a twist

What happens when Hannah find out that her five brother are keeping the biggest secret ever from her

Will one of them tell her?

Or with see find out her self???


7. chapter 5

* 2 days after the fight*

Hannah pov:

It's been hard for me and brothers since the fight that happened to two days ago. My brothers haven't been out of the house since I have though to meet my friend Jacob who's a werewolf and he would never hurt me he's like another brother to me he protects me. He came to worn me about Sam and his pack and that they are coming after us.

I really didn't know what to do it's not like I could tell them to back off, they would just laugh at me but Jacob is my best friend so, I don't know what to do right now I am so confused right now. I think I should talk to the boys about it, maybe they could help me.

" hey harry" I said as he was drinking blood from a plastic cup.

" hey Hannah" he said

" SAMs pack coming after us" I said as I walk to the kitchen getting a blood bag from the fridge

" what? Who told you that" harry asked

" umm...Jacob, he's my werewolf friend" I said drinking the blood from the bag

" Hannah don't hang out with him, he's bad news" harry said

" harry he's my best friend" I said

" Hannah I know but you never know" harry said

" fine" I sighed

" now go tell the boys I am going to get some " food" harry said

" haha you can say bite," u said as I walk up the stairs, time for the boys reaction, wish me luck it's not goin well

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