My five brothers with a twist

What happens when Hannah find out that her five brother are keeping the biggest secret ever from her

Will one of them tell her?

Or with see find out her self???


6. chapter 4

Hannah pov:

Harry just told me that Matt is my brother and I am so pissed off at him so I decided to go take a walk and get my mind off of things. I started walking in the streets it was dark and I couldn't see anything but I could here the wolfs howling. " well well what do we have here" someone said behind me I turned around to see a werewolf " hey where's Matt" I said " why do u need Matt for you little bitch" he said " well one don't call me a little bitch and Matt is my brother " I said " are u one if us" he asked " I don't know I have five other brothers and there vampires" I said " I need to take you to see Matt okay" he said I didn't know to agree with him or not I didn't know if this was a trap or not. " yeah I guess" I said with a little smile. What have I gotten my self into?

Harry's pov:

Hannah was so pissed off about Matt being her brother and she doesn't even know that she is a vampire or werewolf....she's a vampire thank goodness but Matt doesn't know that yet. I am so happy she is a vampire but in a couple if days is going to be a full moon and we have power Hannah doesn't know that and she has powers too. Our powers are I can heal people Louis can read minds wait Louis might can read Hannah's mind and talk to her by thought is complicated to explain but it might work zayn can shock you like lighting it doesn't kill you but you pass out Liam can give you pain and niall can transport from one place to another and Hannah's power is well I don't know that the bad thing about this and the full moon messes up or powers. " Louis" I asked " yeah harry" do u think u can read Hannah mind?" I asked " maybe" he said " well try" I said.

Hannah's pov:

What have I gotten my self into? I asked my self as I was walking. All of a sudden I heared Hannah u there it was Louis voice " what is happening I thought in my head " Hannah I can read your mind" how Louis I asked we have powers and you do too. " shit" I said "what's wrong" Louis asked " I am walking to matts house with Alex and Jesse I told Louis " Hannah run away as fast as you can" he said " what are they going to do to be Lou" I asked " Hannah just run we will meet up with you half way" Louis said " okay I going to run" I said and started running. " woahh Louis I run fast help me they are chasing after me" I said " Hannah we are almost there we can smell you your fine sis" Louis said. ( regular talk not read mind thing) " Hannah are you okay" harry asked hugging me securely " yes I am fine but Matt and Alex and Jesse are coming with there pact" I said " zayn get Hannah home and blood she needs it" harry said " blood" i asked " Hannah you need blood in your system since your a vampire. " harry I don't feel so good" I said " are u okay" he asked " get back I said and they did I started to get fangs and pointy ears " Hannah what is going on" harry said " go away" I said through my fangs " guys that's her power she can turn to a werewolf when she needs to and vampire when she needs too" harry said.

" well well what do we have here" someone said behind me " who's the werewolf" Matt asked " me" I said and tried to turn back into a vampire I did. " Hannah" he questioned " yeah what you going to do kill me well I don't think you want to kill your sister" I said " sister" Alex said " why are you wanting to kill your sister I would never do that to my sister and I hate her" Alex said " bye" Alex said and left.

- no fight sorry but I didn't want no one to die or get hurt in this story lol, big twist, new vampires, longer chapters are coming up don't forgot to comment, like, and favorite. <3 Hannah

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