My five brothers with a twist

What happens when Hannah find out that her five brother are keeping the biggest secret ever from her

Will one of them tell her?

Or with see find out her self???


3. chapter 2

Harry pov:

Me and the other four boys love Hannah but we are keeping the biggest secret ever from her and is killing me inside that I can't tell her yet why do the boys want me to tell her but at least she wouldn't be just mad at me. It was Monday so Hannah had to go to school.

Hannah's pov:

It's was Monday so I had to go to school but I hate school because I get bullied a lot more than a girl needs it. But good thing I have part harry and Liam in me because I would be dead at school. I was in the hall way were the football players walk down and here they come. One if the boys stopped and looked at me do tensed but kept walking and then the captain of the football team said " where do u think your going" he asked I said to class I yell in his face he picks me up from my neck and my legs dangling I least he didn't have a tight grip so I lift my legs to him face and kicked him in the face and he let go over me but I have four other boys to deal with I was only fourteen I can never do this. The door suddenly burst open and it was my brother harry walks up to me and hugs me. Some girl were fainting omg it's one direction I was I front of them and when the girls start running I yelled stop and they did. One of the popular girls asked Hannah why are you so close to one direction and why are the bodyguards not pushing you off of them for well Amanda I know you love one direction everyone knows yeah we know. But one direction are my brothers yes everyone my brothers. Prove to me their your brothers. Well one direction wouldn't know about me if I wasn't there sister. Amanda just back of her Liam said and I just mouthed no to him and he was getting angry and had red eyes Louis get Liam out of here now. Amanda was still staring at me like she wanted to punch me. But hary zayn niall were behind me and then one of the football players came up to harry and said your sister doesn't needs to know how to fight I tugged on harry shirt and he said Hannah stop I am okay. Suddenly Liam comes in and says do u want to fight then bring it. They guy walks over Liam and swings at him but misses and li grabbed his arm and broke it. Then there was aruging and fighting it was like a war zone.

Couple days after the fight

Harry can I talk to you about what happened to Liam I asked

Yes Hannah I said no wanting to

Why did Liam have red eyes? I asked

Hannah promise you won't tell the other boys I told you yet but don't freak out okay

Okay harry I said

Hannah were vampires and you are going to be one to when you turn sixteen and your football team are werewolfs

What no this can't be happening, i can't believe you guys didn't tell me earlier.

Hannah I am sorry

It's okay

It was around 10:00 now and I was really tired so I told harry I am going to bed when I went to my room Liam was already in there. Liam? I said he turned to me with red eyes and he was crying but you couldn't tell with his best red eyes still. I sat down next to him and he just put his head on shoulder. Liam it's okay I get it okay I said you get what he asked don't worry about Liam. I am going to bed I said can I stay here he asked yes, Liam always slept in his boxers so he took off his clothes and laid in bed and cried in my chest. Me and Liam always had a special bond.

Harry I yelled and he came running to the sound of my voice and I said look and he said what and I said look at my teeth they are pointy and they hurts Hannah what say is may 13 oh shoot today is birthday harry I have red eyes. Liam Louis naill zayn Harry yelled they all wake up and run to the bathroom she's one of is now harry said guys what are you talking about I asked Hannah Liam said we are vampires what I said shocked like I didn't know anything.

At school:

I am wearing sunglasses and trying not to smile. The football team comes with Amanda behind them. "Well well what do we have here he said and I had red eyes I could feel my fangs coming out thank goodness harry came on and I walk over to harry and I said help me said with what the thing and I show him my eyes. Hold on, Liam come here Hannah needs help and past why she turning into one. Harry I need blood. Need to go to my locker first I said okay hurry up. Harry Amanda and the football team they come over to us. Leave me alone I yell and harry got in front of me I said harry I am fine okay. When Matt ( hopefully that was the name) tried to through punch at me I ducked making his fist hit the lockers breaking his fist.

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