Mr. Bad boy

Why happens she Hannah ex-boyfriend comes to town and surprises her by showing up at her work.

Will she fall in love again?

What will harry do to win her back?


2. chapter 2

But I hate suprise I wined Hannah come on it will be fun. Whatever I said and go ready. I was ready in an hour and he said ready Yes I replied not wanting to go. But what the heck I am 18 I can party and drink but I didn't want to drink.

They sang happy birthday to me and I blew out the candles and opened up my present they are were expensive but I was used to it now.

But the next day I had to go to work I hate work but I néed the money. The next day at work

( I have write the story like this well at least this chapter)

Today was a regular day intill my ex boyfriend harry showed up out of nowhere and into my life again. I had to quit my job because I know he would come more often.

Mr. Hines I said yes Hannah I quit I said why I Just need to sorry Mr. Hines. I went home to see luke had texted me saying love you I texted back love you too.

Luke- how was work

Hannah- I quit

Luke- why

Hannah- harry back is trying to win me back

Luke- OMG

In the middle of the convo and it was unknown number it said I will do anything to get u back in my arms and I texted back harry stop.

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