Kidnapped by one direction

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by one direction
( rated R for inappropriate content +16)
Will she fall in love?

Why happens when something happens to Hannah that makes them regret everything.
Warning: cussing, sex, and abuse


4. chapter 4

A/n: I am sorry that u guys are confused in who is talking, I am just started writing these so I need to get used to it sorry guys. Here is this chapter and I will try to, just comment if I still need work thanks- Hannah

Hannah pov:

I woke up with the sound of laughing that got annoying real fast I know they were watching me sleep I open my eyes to see five boys staring at me and smiling. " good morning beautiful" for one don't call me beautiful I said annoyed. " hey" hi Liam need something I asked calmly as usual " no " well I will- I was cut of by Liam kissing me. Why did u do that for I asked " I wanted to Hannah " where niall? I asked " in his room"

If I die young Bury me satan lay me down on a bed on roses sink me In the river at dawn with the words of a long song I Heard niall sing and I opened up his door to see him laying down crying. " Hannah why are you in here" he asked I love you niall I said " why would you- I cut him off by pressing my lips to his I pulled away and he kissed back and now we were making out he put his hand under my shirt and he pulled away " Hannah why I walked out of the room when they were doing that to you is because they did they same thing to Diana before she you know killed herself". Niall I would never do that even though it kills me to be here I said trying to sound polite as possible. " I never did anything to Diana se just looked at me with those brown eyes and I wanted to help here but couldn't"

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