Kidnapped by one direction

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by one direction
( rated R for inappropriate content +16)
Will she fall in love?

Why happens when something happens to Hannah that makes them regret everything.
Warning: cussing, sex, and abuse


2. chapter 2 - (+16)

Why do we have to do this to her she doesn't deserve this I over heard someone say there voice was muffled. The door opened and it zayn grabbed me and took me to a room with a bed and they pushed me on the bed and zayn handcuffed my hands and my ankles and they said do what ever we say and no punishment do u seriously think I would I said out loud. Niall looked at me with guilt in his eyes. Harry started Kissing me while zayn takes my clothes off and Liam was getting sex toys great and Louis was trying to find the right moment to do something to me harry kissed down my neck and he found my sweet spot I groaned and they smiled at me. Zayn took off his shirt harry took off his shirt niall did nothing his had guilt in his eyes niall was are you going to do to her he said nothing ou assholes and walked away niall I yelled he looked at me and I said stay please niall I want you part of it even tho this wrong. By this point all the boys were naked I was too Louis got of top of me and kissed me all the way down to my private stopped and I said thank god I said In my head. Liam put a thig called a but plug in me making me moan in pain. Good girl he said. Niall I whisper please do something I don't care what you do. ( woahh u didn't see that coming gross) niall got on top of me and started kissing me and that turned to making out Liam please grabbed the lube please niall said and he put it on his dick and said I am sorry if I hurt you he said before thrusting in me hard and fas groan and moan. Niall ohh niall!!! I whisper in his ear this is my first time and he said what and he stopped and got off of me and out his clothes back on and left crying. Zayn said suck me and I had to put his throbbing dick in my mouth and it was so gross. He cummed right in my mouth he put his clothes back on and left. Can I stopped getting rapped now I asked they said not yet and Liam and Louis left with there clothes harry uncuffed me and said thank you and harry started kissing me and went down my neck and sucked on my sweet spot and I groaned in pleasure he kissed down my chest to my stomach he reached my private he was very sweet about it cause it was my first time he looked at me and I nodded and he got the lube and put it on and thrust into me hard and fast and I moaned in pleasure. Harry h h arry I am gonna cum!!! I screamed he said me too his thrusts got sloppy and he cummed right in me it was warm and felt weir and then I cummed right after him. That was good sex Hannah yeah for my first time I wanted better. That was your first time he asked I said yeah but I think you did great Hannah. Then we fell in a deep sleep.

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