The Life Of Jelly Bean

This story is about my cat jelly bean and her brother P.J I had found them as strays on the road out side my house after I saw a car stop and drive away. . .But it is from the point of view of Jelly Bean.

Also it is normal for animals being dropped off on our mom was a former vet so we have picked animals up off of the road before.We usually take them to an adoption center but these cats were wonderful and kind so they were an exception and the only exception. . .
I hope you in joy what I put together to tell her story. :)


1. Day One/New Mother

Me and my brother were waiting in the woods for my momma to come back.When these two legged creatures that looked just like mom were walking by.I got curious and walked out to greet them and see who they were.

One of them came trotting up to me and yelled back to the others and said "Mom look a kitty!Can we keep her if no one claims her!"

The others came up and one inspected me and checked my teeth and said "I think that car that passed by left them.Well she seems healthy and she's only 8 months.I guess we can keep her."

At that being said my brother decided it was safe and came out.That was when the creature that spoted me picked him up and asked the same question.They eventually took us to their home and feed us.

After we were good an feed the little one played with us. 

It was pretty great.I mean they feed us and played with us.They ended up keeping us an mom never came back. . . But that's okay now I have a new mommy and a new life.

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