The Edge

This is based on a true story of my life, many of the events are true, but the ending most definitely is not. However, I am not saying I haven't thought about it recently... I don't know if this is green or yellow in rating, please tell me in the comments what you think, and if many think this is yellow, I will change it. I apologise in advance for this!


4. Motion

A group of people, silently staring at her, curious to see what she was doing there. But they didn't know her. They didn't know her story.

She stared back, until another figure slipped from behind the group. This time, she knew who it was. It was one of the popular girls in her school. The girl that constructed up the life she new had at school. The girl who started up the rumours, the girl who made everyone walk away from her, as if she was a contagious disease. 

For the first time since that one, fateful day, the girl on the edge smiled a genuine smile. She could finally do what the others had always wanted her to do. She could jump, and end it all. Best of all though, was that the girl who ruined her school life could finally see the consequences of her words and actions. She might not learn a lesson, but she deserved something. A surprise. One she had never expected. 

The girl slowly took off her hat, and threw it like a Frisbee to the wind. The popular girl took it silently. She looked back at the girl on the edge, who's face was now emotionless. She slowly stood up, looked at the sky, then back down. She stared at the waves, beckoning her to come on down. She stared at the other girl, and made a motion. Bird's wings. 

The popular girl now had wide eyes, and the other girl smiled. That was what she had hoped for. An acknowledgement. The group in front of the popular girl had now disappeared, scared of being a witness of a suicidal death. Only the popular girl remained, staring at the girl on the edge. She made no move to stop her.

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