The Edge

This is based on a true story of my life, many of the events are true, but the ending most definitely is not. However, I am not saying I haven't thought about it recently... I don't know if this is green or yellow in rating, please tell me in the comments what you think, and if many think this is yellow, I will change it. I apologise in advance for this!


1. The Edge

The girl stared at the dark, ravaging sea, wishing she had someone. Someone to talk to and share her gloomy thoughts with. She wished she had someone to help her comprehend her own thoughts.

The sea washed across her legs, but she didn't move. She didn't stop it from happening, either. She never did. The waves helped her feel again, it brought her back some senses and took her away from the numbness that surrounded her.   How the girl wished she had someone with her. Her thoughts filled with darkness, her head revolved around things most people would be repelled by Thoughts of suicide, thoughts of harm and danger.    She was already sickly thin, anyone could tell. She had scars and bruises everywhere, both on the outside and in.   The girl, rocked back and forth on the tiny ledge she was sitting on. That's how everyone thought of her. As a tiny ledge on the edge of a cliff, on the verge of breaking. She was sitting on the edge.   Everyone at school knew her as the suicidal, anorexic freak. The girl who couldn't handle her own life properly, the kid who had no life or energy inside her. The mute freak.    The girl knew society wouldn't accept her for who she was, she also knew people would judge you purely on your looks and personality. The girl hated society with a burning passion.    They judge, they lie, and they hate.   Then, there are people like her. People who have there own society built inside the overarching society. But who was she? She knew the basics, but if she went deeper into herself, what wold she find about her that made her so starkly different from the rest of the world's people? She was a misfit, that was sure, but was there something more to that, than just... one of society's misfits?   As she sat there, thinking about her true identity, a past, painful memory resurfaced from the darkness. A memory she would rather forget than relive. A memory of her past life, where she thought she had known her place in society. But she didn't, really. Not at all. Nobody knew their place. It was a memory of how she could've, should've, stopped what was happening around her, to herself, her family, and others. But as always, she never did.  
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