The End

Smoke fills my lungs, I must leave I'll die in here he wont mind, would he?


3. Trapped

   I was jolted awake by Howard shaking my shoulder I groaned and rolled over in the rock hard bed. "Avaline... I'm going to get some supplies and maybe something for you to do uuhhm... while I'm gone please, don't leave it's dangerous, toxic air, poeple going trigger happy, please for me Avaline stay here the only reason  I'm leaving because I have a gas mask trust me its safe here." I rested my hand on his.


    "Its okay, I believe you" He smiled and put on his creepy gas mask. He opened the door witch lead to a ladder witch lead to a hatch, he closed the door tightly behind him. I rolled my self out of bed and onto a small wooden chair by a table I saw some old magazines sitting there I opened them...Boring...I smiled and tore of a page and folded a paper airplane out of it I tossed it across the small room I giggled its the first time I've been entertained down here. I started to tear and fold countless papers and making origami's. 


   I heard his knock on the door, I darted up to it and pulled hard on the heavy door til it eventually opened, I grabbed a bucket of cleaner and he dropped his mask into it, just in case, he sprayed himself with more cleaner. He pulled of a back pack and rested it on the ground he pulled out a barbie and handed it to me. I held the doll and stared at it I could feel a tear roll down my cheek as memories of little Molly flooded my mind like the time she stole one of the neigh boors puppies or the time she put a lizard on Moms shoulder and she screamed. I nearly burst out crying at the thought of my mother choking on the sneaky poisonous gas.


  "You okay kid?" Howard must of noticed me crying but I didn't notice him talking I just wiped the few tears on my face onto my blue pajama sleeve.


  "Are we the only people left?" I stared at Howard with worried eyes.


  "According to what I've seen, yes" He glanced down sadly "It's okay we cant be the only ones so don't fret."

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