The End

Smoke fills my lungs, I must leave I'll die in here he wont mind, would he?


7. Mine

 I rolled over in the hospital bed, Dr. Blaire entered with her usual clip board.

 "Your head is healing as thought your abdomen may take more care but we have two people here to visit your Ms. Avaline Dillard. She stepped out of the way as two girls about the same age one with blonde curly hair to her shoulders, tan and icy blue eyes, the other with long wavy bright red hair pale and lime green eyes. I nearly jumped with joy!

  "MOLLY! EMBER!" the two eleven year old girls ran to my side and hugged me. "Molly you've grown sooo much" I squeezed her tight I missed her a lot, it felt reassuring to know she's okay. She cried into my hospital gown. I patted her back, it must be difficult to lose your parents at eleven, I turned to look at Ember tears rolled down her pinking cheeks I stroked her cheeks she bent down and began crying into my gown as well. I looked at the doctor  awkwardly, I patted the heads of the crying orphans,than it hit me I was eighteen when he took me, I'm twenty one now I can legally adopt them!   



  I climbed up the stairs of my first apartment with two girls following me, maybe when I'm older I'll have my own but for now they'll do just fine. I grabbed my key from my pocket and opened the door and entered my home, Molly's home, Ember's home! I truly have won if Howard saw me now HAHA...



 THE END .3.               

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