The End

Smoke fills my lungs, I must leave I'll die in here he wont mind, would he?


1. Intruder

   I placed the last plate of pasta on the table and called over the family for dinner. My younger sister, Molly darted from the hallway carrying two dolls one headless, one with her hair trimmed downs to nubs.


  "Molly, what did you do to the new dolls i got you?" I stared puzzled at the destroyed the barbies.


   "Beauty salon" Molly giggled and placed them on the couch. She half jumped half walked to her favorite spot at the table. After a few seconds my mom arose from her bath and to the dinning room and shortly after her came my dad out of his office.



  I leaned up against the back of my recliner chair and stared at the tv across the room. A really good movie was on, but I cant put my finger on its name, though it is toward the end of it, it was still worth watching. 


 My eyelids starts close but I get up and go to bed, right as a get through the door way my head suddenly feels two times lighter then before, but I ignore it cause I'm really tired, but I collapse before my bed my head slams into the ground and all I remember was a scream before I blacked out.

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