My Brothers Best Friends/ Bandmates

I'm Liliana Clifford but people call me Lily or Lils for short. anyway when i was little my parents got divorced when i was 4 and i moved to america with my mom while my bother Michael stayed with my dad in Australia. But now my Mom died and i'm moving back to Australia to live with my dad and start a whole new life.


5. Chapter 5

         I woke up to the sun in my eyes and the birds chirping. i looked at the time, it was 7:45. "Fuck I overslept!" i yelled. i jumped up and through on some clothes and did my hair.( i skipped breakfast, and ran to school. i came just in time. The whole time in class me and Luke were texting each other. the rest of the day goes on and in the middle of history i get a text from ashton.

Hey can you meet me at the school garden after school? Please I really need to talk to you.


I wonder what ashton wants? any way the day goes by there was pizza for lunch and i sat by Hannah again. but now schools over and im walking to the School garden. I see Ashton there sitting on the bench with a rose. I walk over to him, once i get to him he stands up to face me. "Hey Ashton what did you want to talk about?" I asked. "Lily I know we never really talk and you don't really know me but I think i fell in love with you. every since i saw you in the cafeteria i knew you were the one for me. i love you will you be mine?" he said. oh my god I don't know what to say. he was really sweet and cute in all but im with Luke. "Ashton that's so sweet in all, but im sorry i don't like you in that way i see you as a friend." i said nicely trying not to hurt his feelings. "But Lil-" i cut him off "Im sorry but no" i turn around and walked away. "Lily!" he said. i turn around to face him and he was right in my face, and he kissed me. I felt sparks, but i knew it was wrong. i pulled away. i stared at him for a minute and then ran away, ran all the way to my house. i bursted through the door ran up stairs and jumped into bed. i was crying. i didn't know what to do. i only been dating Luke for a day! I love him i thought. but do i? i also thought what if i love ashton. im so confused. i grabbed my moms picture from the nightstand. "Mom." i said crying. "what do i do? i need your help. you always knew what to say." i stopped for a second. "I miss you" i said hugging the picture. i then cried myself to sleep...

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