My Brothers Best Friends/ Bandmates

I'm Liliana Clifford but people call me Lily or Lils for short. anyway when i was little my parents got divorced when i was 4 and i moved to america with my mom while my bother Michael stayed with my dad in Australia. But now my Mom died and i'm moving back to Australia to live with my dad and start a whole new life.


3. Chapter 3

          My alarm clock woke me up at 7:00. I was so nervous to go to school. i was never really liked in school and got bullied a lot. anyways i got up and got ready. ( I grabbed my book bag and went down stairs. Michael was ready so i made a pop tart, and we went to hell aka...School.

         The school was huge and there were sooo many people. Mikey took me to my locker. i put my stuff in side grabbed my book and we left to go to class. Michael and split off, he a year older so hes not in my class. I was walking to class when i bumped into someone and dropped my books. 

"hey watch where your..." he stopped in the middle of the sentence. we were staring at each other. he was so handsome. he had blue eyes and blonde hair. "Oh im so sorry" he said. i picked up my stuff. "I-I'm Luke" he said. "I'm Lily" i responded. "nice to meet you. you must be new" " yep" " what class are you going to?"  he asked. " chemistry" i said. " awesome same here. come follow me" he said and we both walked to class. Once we got there i sat in the middle, back end of the class. class started a bunch of boring shit. after awhile i felt someone tap me on the shoulder and pass me a note. i opened the note. 

you are so beautiful.

meet me in the parking lot after school ;)


I was blushing. i looked at Luke who was acrossed the room and he was staring at me. he winked at me. now im REALLY blushing. the bell rung. and I went to my other classes. now its lunch i head to the cafeteria. there were people everywhere. i got my food and was looking for a spot. there was a table with 1 girl at it. " Hey can i sit here?" i asked her with a smile. "sure" she responded.


        "i'm Hannah" she said. "I'm Lily" we were talking for a bit when Michael came. he had a group of friends. and one of them was Luke. "Hey sis" mikey said nudging me in the shoulder sitting next to me. his friends also sat next to us. "this is Calum, Ashton, and Luke. and this is my sister Lily" Mikey said. "Hey" i said. Calum was next to Hannah. "hey Babe" calum said to Hannah giving her a kiss. we all were talking and getting to know each other. the whole time Ashton was staring at me. "so you have a boyfriend?" Ashton asked. "Noooo" i said. "Oh" he said beginning to eat his food again. lunch was over. i got all of there numbers and we all went to class...

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