An Adolescent Ootori

A first year named Sakkara Ootori, The younger sister to Kyoya Ootori, one of the most popular boys in school, starts school at Ouran this year. A legend starts to form around this disappearing 1st year. soon running into the host club is not a good mix.....


1. Prolog: Two Years Before

Prolog: Two Years Before

I peered out my door and down the hall. As a too small-for-my age newly deemed 12 year old, l look around to see if anyone was around. 

No one.

Not one of my siblings.

Not one of my parents.

No one was in the hall, so I thought I was alone.

I came out of my room for the first time since school let out for winter break. The floor felt unusually cold, it burned the bottom of my feet, as if I wasn't supposed to be there. 

I went down the grand staircase, without making a sound. Heading to the living room, I saw a small light coming from that very room.

Even though it was midday, all the lights in house seemed to be off. As I came closer and closer I heard beautiful music, music that could only be made by one person.

I peeked my head inside the room and saw the familiar Blondie sitting on the piano bench, when the song was finished, I leaped into the room.

"Tamaki!" I exclaimed running over to my older brother's friend.

When I reach him he takes me up in a hug, "Hello Sakkara! How is my favorite little princess doing?"

I giggled as we pulled away from each other, "Okay, I guess."

He looked a bit sad at me for a moment before regaining his composure, "Have you played the piano for your family yet? You're really good!"

I stared wide-eyed at Tamaki before face palming myself.

Did he really just say that?! My Dad is going to kill me!

I looked towards the door to see my Dad standing over me. As soon as I faced him completely, he did something I never thought he would do.

He slapped me across the face.

I felt my cheek burn and hot tears rolling cheeks.

"How long have you been playing the piano?" He asked with a harsh tone.

"S-since I-I w-was 8..." I managed.

"How did Tamaki know?" He asked, his tone still harsh.

"O-one d-day when he came to v-visit he c-caught m-me playing," my tears still flowed freely down my cheeks.

"Go to your room Sakkara, you are never allowed to play the piano again!" He screamed as I ran out.

"THIS IS THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!" I yelled on the top of my lungs as I ran into my room.

I slammed the door and locked it. Using it, I slid down to the floor and hugged my knees. I cried, what happened?

Everything in my life has gone down hill. Kyoya won't talk to me anymore and I'm pretty sure Tamaki won't talk to me after this.

I sobbed and I'm not allowed to play piano anymore.

My life is officially ruined!

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