An Adolescent Ootori

A first year named Sakkara Ootori, The younger sister to Kyoya Ootori, one of the most popular boys in school, starts school at Ouran this year. A legend starts to form around this disappearing 1st year. soon running into the host club is not a good mix.....


3. Chapter 2

Class that day flew by and it was very soon time to go home.

I grabbed my notebook and was starting to head out the door when I felt someone throw me over their shoulders. During the day I found out the twins' names were Hikaru and Kaoru, and by the way this twin walked I could tell it was Hikaru.

"Hikaru! Put me down!" I scream, kicking my legs.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked.

I was about to answer when Kaoru butted in, "We don't have time for questions! We're already going to be late! Come on Hikaru! Let's just get her to the boss!" 

The boss?

I gulped, I hope he doesn't mean Kyoya.

We made it to a room marked Music room #3 and they pulled open the doors. Rose petals came flying out, but I couldn't see what or who was inside because (Obviously) I was facing backwards.

Then I heard a familiar voice, "You Idiots! That's no way to treat a lady!"

"She's not a Lady, She's a gnome at best," The twins said in unison.

I punched Hikaru in the back, "Who you callin' a Gnome?!" I scream the two of them as Hikaru whined.

Then Tamaki spoke again, "That Voice...." he says, "Could it be? Little Sakkara Ootori?!"

Hikaru finally put me down and I faced Tamaki, "It's been awhile, Tamaki~Sempai..." I say heightening the tension just a bit.

He runs over and engulf me in a huge hug, "I'm so sorry I stop talking to you! Just all the stuff with your Father and Kyo-"

I stop him as we pull away, "Its okay Tamaki~Sempai, I understand."

Then the twins come around to stand on either side of Tamaki, "So let me get this straight," Hikaru said.

"You two know each other?" Kaoru finished.

I was about to answer them when a voice from behind me did, "What did you expect? She is my little sister after all."


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