Marrying Niall

He's my lover. My sweet innocent sexy lover. A guy named Niall standing in front of me in a tux. And a girl named Paige (me) standing in front of him in a beautiful dress. And maybe a baby in a onesie named rose? Read to Find out!!!!


1. Meeting Niall

So today I met the boy if my dreams. We met at the bar when I was working. Now it's 9:30pm and were at a party at his place. I look up. He smiles at me. We look over at Liam and Harry their arm wrestling. I giggle because Harry just beat Liam. I hear Niall laughing. It's just he cutest!! "I love you laugh." I say. "I love your giggle." "And I love you." I kiss him. Yes yes I know what your thinking. You just met this guy! You barley know him! Why are you kissing him and saying you love him?! How do you even now you love him if you just met him like 5 minutes ago?! Well, here's why. I know he's the one because I can feel it in my heart. The way he makes me smile. The way he kisses me. I know I'll be with him forever and ever. He's my souls mate. While I was daydreaming and talking to myself, Niall is laughing at something Louis had said. "What? What's so funny?" I asked while laughing. "Potato!!!" He screamed at Louis. I guess he didn't hear me. I giggle and he notices me. "What's so funny?" I ask again. "Nothing sweet heart. It's mine and Louis' secret." I pout and Niall and Louis give each other huge grins. I couldn't help but laugh. They both laugh with me and them Louis got up to go look for Zayn and perri. Mean while me and Niall were in his room with the lights off, door locked, and clothes off. Well, all clothes except our under clothes. He took off my bra and strayed massaging one and sucking on the other. I'm a virgin so he's being gentle. Then he started rubbing my croch with my red lace panties still on. So it was soaking them. I took off his boxers and he takes off my red lace panties. "Are you sure you want to give up your virginity to stupid ole me?" "Yes I'm sure. And I want to give it up to sweet gentle loving sexy cute-" "I get it." I giggle and nod my head. He swipes across the entrance with his member a few times scoring him a few moans. "Are you ready?" "More ready than I've ever been." He smiles and it's it in slowly and gently. I wince and shed a tear. "I'm so sorry Paige! I never meant to hurt you like that!" He took it out. "No! No! You didn't hurt me! I just have to get used to it. But please don't take it out again. Then I have to go through the pain all over again. Ok?" "Ok." I smile. He smiles back. He slowly and gently puts it in me again. I bite my lip and wince. I squeeze my eyes shut and cry a bit letting it all out quietly yet loudly. He starts thrusting slowly. After about 10 minutes I start moaning instead of crying. He starts to get faster after he hears me moaning and not crying. He starts saying my name and humping me hard. "Oh Niall faster faster!!" With that he started to hump me REALLY fast. Thrusting in and out in and out in and out. He gets turned on easily I guess. We both cum at the same time and ride our orgasms out. It was amazing. We were both panting. "Best. ~pant~ Night. ~pant~ Ever. ~pant~." We both smile at each other and hen he kisses me. "I licensor Paige. And I always will." " and I love you Niall. Sexy, sweet, loving Niall." He kisses me goodnight and holds me tight while singing little things in my ear. "Oh it's you, it's you, they add up to. And I'm in love with you. And all your little things." I fell asleep. I had a dream that me and Niall were at a park. With a little girl. She had his blond hair and my blue eyes. Is she ours?

Hey guys! Hope you liked it! Put in the comments what their mash up name should be! Like.... Niage, Piall, or something. Anyway thanks for reading let's get those likes, comments, and favs at least to three! Thanks for your support!

-In Love With Harry

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