Abducted by a psycho

who abducted willow?


4. 0.4

It has past several hours for me, and I was still in the bathroom. Missing my last four periods classes. My hands were still tied together hiding my head from the rest. I didn't know how, but I made it at least two hours in a half without moving my body. I finally felt uncomfortable. My body was telling me to move something. I unlocked my finger and stretch my arms. I also rotated my neck causing it to snap.

I stayed there stiff in the ground. I was observing the soundless room. It was peaceful. While I was enjoying it; the door for the girls bathroom suddenly open, unleashing giggles into the room.

"so then what happened." a soft female's voice asked.

"she then starts screaming irrele-" Misty stop talking as soon as she saw me.

"Hi lace." she asked awkwardly while swallowing her saliva. "Have you've been crying?" she smirked.

I stared viciously at her face. I wasn't ready to start another argument, so I ignored her. I grabbed my bag from the floor. Standing up and started walking to the door. I suddenly lost all my balance and fell to the ground. I turn to see Misty having my bag on her hands.

"I asked you a question. Have you been crying?" She said in a harsh deep tone.

"Leave me alone Misty. That is non of your buisne-" suddenly my throat swallowed nervously.

A stinging sensation came across my face. Her hand was bright red. Her hand had made contact with my face.

"You see lace, we are not friends or anything, but when someone treats me disrespectfully, they must pay." Misty inform me.

"You're psychotic" I said in a gruff tone.

Misty stared at me. Observing what I would do. I yanked the bag out of Misty's hands. I started walking to the door, until my head got slammed on the wooden door.

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