Abducted by a psycho

who abducted willow?


3. 0.3

For the past four hours classmates had been roaming around through the halls to see if anything had been updated since the morning. I kept taking my phone out to see if Willow had updated anything from her social network. The only thing that she wrote on her twitter account was 'getting my outfit and hair done, excited.' and that was like twenty six hours ago. I wonder what she was getting ready for?

As few moments pass, the door to the principal had slowly open, out came Misty Turner. Her hair was a rich shade of mahogany. Her dazzling hazel eyes charmed every men who pass around her, and her straight nose and plum lips were the definition of a stunning model. She came out of the room confident like she wasn't a suspect, but I knew that the officers had an eye on her. For them it was to much confidence in a situation like this. Misty was walking towards me. She bent down to face me as if I was a five year old.

"So um they are asking for you. They are going to ask you irrelevant questions." Misty whispered.

"IRRELEVANT, IRRELEVANT!" I yelled. "How can you say irrelevant... Misty that is my friend missing, unlike us we are not close to acquaintance, besides that I thought she was your friend, and that you care for each other?" I asked.

"Are you sure you and Willow are friends?" she smirked. " O Lace, I mean if she was your friend she would have told you she was flirting with your brother, you know the guy I have dream having for a long time.." she inform me.

"I don't believe you. Flirting with my brother when she has a boyfriend, you're a liar." I snarled.

"Me a liar." Misty laugh "Fine don't believe me, but when your SO CALL BFFL comes back ask her, you will look really pitiful." 

She use all her weight to stand up. She walked away from me like she was some runaway model, but she did look back at me for her to close her eyes shut and pucker up and throw a cliché air kiss. I role my eyes furious for her not giving no emotion for Willow.

"Lace." I flinch looking to my side a male officer was asking for me.

"Um, yess" I swallow my saliva of how nervous I was.

"We have some questions for you. May you come inside?" he asked

"Uh, um yeah." I replied nervously. 

I was a bit tense. I was never close to an officer. I was never being asked question for a missing person. I was walking straight to the door. There was a table right in the center of the room including two chair on each side of the table, and there was another fellow officer sitting on top of the table.

"Okay Lace we just have some questions we need to ask, we are not saying you are a suspect, but we would like to know some information of that night, anything that can lead us to your classmate Willow." he informed me "My name is Mark and this is my partner Mary."

Mary was studing me. She was analyzing how tense I was. I wasn't staring back, but I wasn't feeling so great. Everything about this made me feel horrible. Mark was getting his notebook and pen ready. He was also eyeing me. He also knew how tense I was, he gave a glanze to Mary. It was only a few seconds of silence until Mary finally spoke up.

"I see you are tense Lace. You do not need to be afraid if your are not guilty. You seem like a nice and loyal friend to Willow." she said "Yesterday did you have any communication with Willow, anything that she told you were she was going?" she asked

"No" I simply replied "but I know she was going out." I quickly said.

"Were was she going?" Mark question me while he kept his gaze at me.

"I don't know, I saw it on her twitter account." I could feel all my nerves rising up.

"Did she call you, did she ever came to your house, or do you know if someone had an intention taking her? many people kept saying you would have taken her including that one acquaintance you just had an argument a few seconds ago." 

"Misty?" I asked him

"Yeah that girl she was really confident with her answer." he said while clasping his hands together bringing them to his face.

I brought my thumb to my teeth, the nerves were getting to me. I stared to the ground, making the whole room silence. My face was becoming hot. I couldn't believe Misty out of all the people Misty would say I took my friend and hid her. I mean I know Misty is an unreliable friend, but the last thing she those is to make up situations that can end her up in serious stuff. 

I looked up " I don't believe you. Me and Misty might not be friends, but I still know she doesn't make up stuff not even with this serious situations." I growled 

My body was heated. I could feel my palms building up moist. I flinched when I felt a hand on my shoulders. I took a glance to who's heavenly vanilla cream hand was touching me. 

"Lace do not feel like you are the guilty one, we are just trying to get some answers."  Mary said sincerely. "You can leave the room. Thanks for answering the questions we asked, have a nice day." 

I stood up from my chair leaving the room feeling confident when I was jumpy from all the questions. After I exit the door I quickly strode straight to the bathroom. I poured some water to my face because I was feeling a bit warm. I couldn't believe I was being question as a suspect. I look myself in the mirror. I was studying my futures my face was blowing different shades of red, my eyes began to get watery liquid pored down slowly through my cheeks. I slowly walk back hitting my back softly through the wall. My back supported the wall as I slide my body down to the ground. I grasped my hands together of how angry I was to myself. Giving power to the officer and taking over my emotion. I put my hand building a cocoon to hid my face and head from anyone outside the world.

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