Abducted by a psycho

who abducted willow?


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Lace POV:


The smell of pancakes covered with syrup and with a touch of eggs. I could hear the bacon sizzle as it met the hot pan.. How come this dream seems so sweet, am I hungry? My nose twitched as the smell of food filled up my nostrils as if this was actually happening.  

"Wake up Lace. Its almost time for school, and you need food." my dad demanded. I laid their in my bed upset at the fact he ruined my sweet smelling dream.  

I rolled my eyes in annoyance even though he wasn't in my room to see me. I stretched my arm and legs and yawed as my mind was getting used to being awake. My body fought back to me stretching out my muscles since I had been sleeping. I knew it was only signs that I knew I was wide awake.  

I pulled the cover off myself, exposing my silky tan legs. A small drift of air went through my body and sent a small shiver down my spine. I threw my legs over to the floor on the side of my bed. I started walking towards my closet, and grabbed my white tank top and black sweater with a grey scarf and some white skinny pants. 

As I walked I open the door, and the met the green eyes of my brother. I look at him and then the bathroom on the side of my door. I looked at him again, and ran for it. He grabbed my shoulder and yanked me to the ground, hitting my elbow on the hardwood. I began to massage my elbow while I glared at my brother Jason.   

"No way Lace, you had the bathroom yesterday , now today is my turn and stop glaring at me." he smiled wickedly.

I rolled my eye's "That's not fair, I was born first, I should get everthing first." I replied angrily.

"Really, you're going to use that excuse, if you please excuse me."He shut the bathroom door feeling satisfied.

 I stand up from the ground, and waited for my brother impatiently to open the door. It was at least ten minutes until Jason open the door. You could smell his heavy cologned flowing through the air. Jason was at least five, eight, he was very charming around shy girls His eyes were golden with a touch of light green, but deep down he was in the stage of depression. It hasn't been long enough when our mother died in a car accident. My dad and Jason were both depress and so was I, but I had help from my friend Willow. She was there beside me at the hospital, funeral, and school.

 I soon went to the bathroom and turn on the hot water. The warm water spread through my body, I poured soup through my body, rinsing it with water. My fingers met my dark brown locks. I soonley massage it.   


I jumped at the sound and nearly falling over. I tried grabbing the handle in my shower, but I slipped through the soapy water. 

"Let's go Lace, five more minutes." my dad called out.

I was getting pretty annoyed. The only reason I was looking forward to school is to meet up with Willow and Mark. Mark being my handsome boyfriend. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body, I brushed my hair as quickly as I could. Once i was dry, I started to dress myself. I put my black sweater on top of my white tank. The I put my white skinny pants on each leg and wiggle it through, until it had reached to my hips. The last thing to grab was my scarf, I put it on, through my head until it fit perfectly on my neck. I open my bathroom door, and quickly ran down the stairs to find my dad waiting for me beside the front door. 

"You know these morning arrangements aren't working to well for me." I muttered.  

"Then maybe you should wake up early." He said."Your breakfast is in the car." He added.  

"Thanks, may I ask what you made for breakfast." I asked as I put on my backpack. 

"How about you shut up, and go to the car, and find out." he joked. He handed me my jacket, laughing at his own joke.  


 My father turned into the school zone and parked in one of our teachers parking space. My father was a teacher here. He  taught physics and engineering. In school he was known as Mr. Reed. It felt awkward to have my father around  students. Girls especially. They were intrigue by my fathers charming looks and usually threw passes at him.

"Okay guys have fun. If you need anything you can find me in my classroom. Jason can you lock up the car?" he threw the car keys to my brother. Headed for the school doors.  

"Sure dad." Jason replied.   

Jason and I followed after him as soon as he locked the car doors. For a few minutes we were silent. I knew he was still suffering from depression. He and my mom were very close to each other.

 "Sorry that I pushed you down." He said while looking at my elbow feeling terrible about somethig.

I hadn't notice, but there was a dark spot on my elbow. I hadn't realized he left a bruise.  

"It's okay. Don't feel bad." I said chuckling, hoping I would lighten the mood.  

"No it's not, it's very disrespectful of me to do this to my sister." Jason replied with a tear drop coming down from his left eye. 

 "Please Jason, It's okay. Please let this ruin your day I am fine." I playfully poked him trying to get even a grin. 

 He gave me a smile and hugged me tightly showing that he cared for me. As we were still in the brother/ sister moment, we heard police sirens. They were approaching to the front of our school. Jason and I ran through the front doors of the school to see what the situation was. There was a crowd of students. Trying to get a glimpse of what its happening.

"Everybody stand back, please." a police officer had commanded.

"Everyone please be quiet...Now today we received a call for help, this person did not say there name luckily we had saved her number. We received another call exactly at six in the morning for a missing girl who attends at this school." he informs us. 

We looked around at each other questioning who had disappeared.

 "Now some of you students are friends with this young lady, and my partner and I will be taking you in custody for question." he said.

"Who is the girl?" a voice called out.  

"Willow Bay" he responded  

Did he say Willow? I felt my heard just drop by hearing her name. How did this happened, how is she missing? Did someone kidnapped her? Was she still alive? Oh for heaven sake's I hope she is alive. The sounds of chatter came from the crowd.

"Willow." I said under my breath. A tear fell down my eyes as I slowly closed them.

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