1. notes


This story is not based on One Direction, or Ariana grande real life relationships, or what they been through. This story is simply fictional and I do not claim anyone in this story. And I do not claim any quotes to be mine that are in the story unless I say its mine. This work is intended for entertainment only. The storyline I tell here about Zayn Malik, Ariana grande or any one of the one direction member is not believe to be part of Their life.


I know this book might seem 'cliché 'or whatever, but I've got an idea of this story from a movie and turn it around to make it my own and I just really thought it would be good story.

Also lot of stuff are made up so just go with the flow lol I'm just using my imagination. Also I don't know much about college because I'm not in it college yet but anyways.

I hope everyone like this story and enjoy it. :)


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