(One Direction FanFiction)

My name is Lauren, but that doesn't really matter as much as the fact that I am in an empty room with no door. All that is in the room is a bed I am laying on, and a note signed from some guy named '1D'. Who is that?


3. Chapter Two: 1D

Lauren's POV

What does those stupid initials stand for??? I hope they leak the answer, before I drive myself insane. It sounds so familiar. Mia talks about it all the time, I think. That's probably when I tune her out by reading.

Liam kneels down next to me, getting very close. He examines my face, searching for something. He turns to Niall and says,"are you sure? I don't see it. You better be right, or else we probably have the wrong person. Did he even have a kid, Niall?"

Who? Are they talking of my father? I think he had a kid, but I'm not too positive. *Notice the sarcasm*

Zayn stands up and grabs a water bottle. He opens it and lifts my chin with his finger. I open my mouth as he pours some in. I swallow, then notice what he just did.

"Really? You don't even trust me enough to un-cuff me so I can drink water? It's me against five boys, and you're still doubting yourselves?" I rant on about it.

Harry speaks up. "We doubt ourselves because if your who Niall says you are, then we stand no chance fighting you off."

"Who do you think I am?" I ask in a mysterious tone. Crap. I let them see the inside.

Every time you show an emotion to someone, they get one step closer to becoming an acquaintance. They should always be strangers.

"Don't act so stupid, babe. We know you were raised by two VERY intelligent people. After all, you found out Zayn's weekness after only hearing him talk. Speaking of who raised you, who are your parents?" Harry asks.

Nice try Harry, but no. "Sorry, I don't tell strangers about my personal life."

Niall chuckles to himself. "You seriously don't know who we are?"

Oh. My. Taco Latté's with sour cream. Did he just ask me if I was serious? For. Real. Do I look like Harry Potter's GodFather? No. Didn't think so.

With that I got furious. To me, that was a horrible insult. I broke the cuffs with my own hands, causing five gasps. I jumped up and grabbed Niall's neck. Liam came nearer, but that made me squeeze Niall neck. "If any of you come closer, I know how to make this boy stay passed out for atleast 5 days. All I want is an apology. He insulted me. Now everyone take a seat. NOW." I commanded. They all went to the oposite side of the room and sat in the corner. I then started talking.

"Niall, I know you didn't know, so I took it easy on you. But you asked me if I was serious. I am not worthy of being called a name of such high honor. His name is Sirious Black. Please apologize." He gulped then said loudly,"I'm, I'm sorry."

"Thank you." I said. Then, I sat back down and cuffed myself back.

Then I noticed how I could've just escaped and nearly cried. Zayn started to speak. "You know you could've jus-" "SHUTUP." "But-" "I KNOW. SHUTUP."

"So, can I just like play cards with y'all or something? I'm bored." It'd been hours (at least I think so) and I was getting restless in these cuffs. "Sure. But I will play for you since we can't un cuff you. I will hold your cards and you can point to the one to use. Okay, who's up for Go Fish?"

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