A new mister and weapon pair join the academy. The weapon is the daughter of a very strong and well known mister. How will the other soul eater characters react to the new mister weapon pair.


1. New Kids


Nyxin got out of bed and walked to her light gray kitchen to get a drink. She saw a note stuck to the fridge it read, "I left for work early this Nyxin got out of bed and walked to her light gray kitchen to get a drink. She saw a note stuck to the fridge it read, "I left for work early this morning I had some things I need to get done. If you want to come by the academy today you can or you can wait. Don't burn the house down - Dad"He normally leaves her a note even if he doesn't have to leave earlier. He signed off in his normal way saying, "don't burn the house down," sometimes he says, "don't get robbed."

She took the note and laid it down on the cold countertop. Then, she walked over to her fridge and pulled out a half-full bottle of orange juice and poured some into glass. Nyx quickly drank the orange, pulpy liquid and headed back upstairs to her room. She got out her normal outfit a blue tank top, a small white jacket, a short black skirt, and dark gold boots.

She made her way to her bathroom and thoroughly brushed her teeth and then her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror staring into her one amber and one magenta eye. She then took the chance to comb through her gray hair one more time. She looked down at her body slowly pulling up her blue sweatshirt only to revel a scar stretching from the top of her chest to the bottom of her stomach. Her father had given her this mark when she was very little, however he promised to never do anything like it again. She pulled her shirt back down, grabbed her keys, and left her house setting out for her dad's work.



"Today we will be dissecting a few different types of animals," Professor Stein said to his class. Soul, being himself commented on that, "Because we don't do that everyday."

The class began watching Stein dissect different kinds of poor creatures and stopped with a few minutes left of class. "Sometime soon a new mister and weapon pair will be joining the academy. I expect that you will welcome them or at least not try to kill them in a fight when they get here class dismissed," almost forgetting something Stein spoke again,"Oh and one of them is my daughter."

Every one walked out of the room into the hallway. Maka, Soul, Blackstar, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty all walked together. "I wonder who they are exactly other then the fact one's Stein's kid," Soul said to the group starting the conversation.

"Whoever they are they're not gonna out shine me," Blackstar smiled widely and pointed his thumb at himself.

" Hopefully they'll have more manners than you guys," Maka chimed in, "But that's not that hard to do."


Nyx walked up to the front door and knocked on its dark wood . Jinx opened it. Her short black hair had a bow in it. Her dark blue eyes were like right back and Nyxin. Jinx was wearing a pink tank top, a brown pair of shorts, and her white and pink tennis shoes. "Want to go for a walk," Nyx asked politely.


They walked down the pretty much deserted streets until they saw the academy ahead. When they were even with where the stairs began Jinx said, "Let's go look around this place before tomorrow!"

"My dad should be here for a while, so we can start looking around once everyone leaves."

"Do you want to go see Lord Death for a little while then?"

"Sure," Nyx lazily answered.














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