A new mister and weapon pair join the academy. The weapon is the daughter of a very strong and well known mister. How will the other soul eater characters react to the new mister weapon pair.


2. A Short Tour and Talk

Nyxin and Jinx walked up the steps to the academy and opened up the large doors. The hallways were huge and seemed to span forever in both directions. Jinx lead the way walking around trying to find the death room while Nyx was observing her surroundings. After searching and searching, they finally happened to stumble upon the death room. Unfortunately, there were already other people there. "Hello! Hello! how are you girls doing," Lord Death asked in his most cheerful voice.

"Pretty good," Nyx answered.

"Who are these people," Jinx questioned.

"That's my son Death the Kid," Lord death pointed to his son, "And his weapons Liz and Patty."

"Cool," Jinx said in a dull tone.

"Did you two come to look around the academy," Lord Death asked another question.

"Yeah," Nyx answered seeing as she's been the only one answering his questions thus far.

"Liz Patty show Jinx around she has the short hair. Kid show Nyxin around."

" Yes Lord Death," Liz and Patty responded at the same time.

"Okay, Father."

Jinx got pulled down one hall and Nyx got pulled down the other as they began their tours. Nyx was almost nervous to be alone with Lord Death's son, after hearing about him and his tendencies. " So have you ever been in academy before?"

" Once I had to come when my dad was working super late."

" So you must be Stein's daughter then?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"He told us that you and another girl were coming and you look very similar to him."

" That's what most people say."

"So when are you actually going to start?"

" On Monday," Nyx questioned herself, "I think."

"Do you know where any rooms are at all?"

"A few."

"You shouldn't have trouble finding them there are signs outside of each room."

"Okay, so do you just want to walk around and talk for a while or something," Nyx asked.

"Okay, let's do that."

"So what's it like having Lord Death as your dad.?"

"It can be interesting at times,but I do like having him as my father," Kid stated," What about your father?"

"Most of the time I like having my dad as my dad, normally he leaves me alone to do things myself I like that. I get kind of lonely sometimes though."

"Does Jinx live with you?"

"No , she lives on the opposite side of town."

"Liz and Patty live with me."

" That's cool."

" Are you friends or know anyone from the academy," Kid asking yet another question.

"Not really."

" You know me now, so that's one."

It was quiet between the two for a moment before Kid spoke again.

" Would you like to go to your fathers room?"

"Sure,I guess so."

"We should chat some more sometime, I like you."

" I like talking to you too."

"If you ever need anything just ask Liz or Patty or I."

"Okay, Kid."

Nyx walked away from Kid, down the hall to her dad's class room. He was slumped over his desk writing something down

"Hi dad, are you almost done?"

"Yes, I should be we can leave soon," he responded.

"Don't rush just because I'm here."

"So did you look around?"

Yeah, Kid showed me around he's really nice and he said that if I need anything to ask him and that we should talk some more sometimes."

"Really and what did he mean by talk?"

Nyx started to blush. Her dad can be very protective and other times seems to be oblivious to what's happening. "It's nothing like that, Dad."

He got up from his desk and walked towards the door. "Okay, let's head home," Stein said while stretching out his arms.

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