Overrated (1D fanfic)

Ellie is 17. She isn't good in school. She's a bad ass. She meets Harry and thinks of him as a toy she can play with at first. When they don't do anything for a couple of weeks she thinks she might start to like him. They will go to hell and back for each other.


6. be my cuddle bunny

Harry's P.O.V

I turned on the tv in my room. Me and Ellie just laid there for about an hour cuddled up on my bed.

I went out to go get some chips and my mom called me.

A= Anne H=Harry

H= hey mom.

A= why aren't you at school? They just called me.

H= I was feeling sick. Ellie did too so were gonna just watch some movies.

A= don't do anything.

H= mom we won't.

I hung up after that. I grabbed the chips and went back into my room. And Ellie said "my dad just called wondering why I wasn't at school."

I said "my mom did too."

She nodded and I set the chips down and laid behind her on the bed and wrapped my arms around her.

We watched tons of movies.

We watched 21 jump street, white chicks, and grown ups.

When were done with those 3 movies, it was about 5:30.

I knew Ellie was asleep. She fell asleep on the part they were talking about getting chocolate wasted or something.

I didn't want to shake her or say her name to wake her up so I decided to kiss her. I pecked her lips. She woke up after that. She smiled at me. "Nice way to wake up."

I laughed "yea."

I got out of the bed and she groaned "get back here it's cold without you."

I smiled "tempting but I have to clean my room and stuff like that.

She laughed "since when do you clean your room?"

I shrugged "never."

"Well I have to go convince my parents to go on their cruise so we have that night to ourselves. Many others after that too." She whispered a finger to her lips.

"Ok fine if you have to go." I whined.

She stood up and slipped her shoes on. She faked a cough and winked at me. I walked her outside. "Well wish me luck." She said getting into the car.

I gave her a thumbs up. When she left I walked back into the house. I picked up the empty bag of chips and put them in the garbage.

My room isn't that messy. It has some clothes but that's it. I decided to watch another movie. I fell asleep when I put it on.

Ellie's P.O.V

I drove home and my parents were there. They weren't working at 6 so it's normal for them to be here.

I walked inside and went into the bathroom and got a shower. Them I walked into my room to change clothes. I decided that pajamas would be best.

When I was done I went downstairs. I went into the kitchen where I heard voices. "Hi guys." I said.

They smiled "feeling better?"

I nodded "Harry made soup and we watched some movies all day."

My dad said "so he was sick too?"

I said "after I started coughing he started coughing. We will be at school tomorrow though."

They nodded in understanding. I took this as my chance "so are you guys gonna go on that 2 month cruise?"

My mom shook her head "I don't think so."

I laughed "it would be amazingly fun to go."

My dad shrugged "yea but we can't leave you alone for 2 months."

I smiled "it's ok. I can get Ali to stay with me while you two crazy kids have fun."

My mom laughed "I'm open to it."

My dad smiled "looks like we leave tomorrow."

I fake frowned "tomorrow's Wednesday. Why so soon?"

My mom said "it leaves tomorrow. You'll be fine right?"

I turned around and started smirkng. "I think I can manage." I said smiling and walking upstairs.

I fell asleep.


There is no school today because people have to get ready for the dance. I spent most of the day on my hair. When it was finally prefect there was 5 hours until the dance started at 9 until 3 am. I decided to do my make up.

It was really pretty. It took a while so I decided that it was about time to put the dress on.

I slipped it on and put the shoes on. I put the necklace on and looked in the mirror. I looked pretty.

I headed downstairs and put perfume on. I put a cost of lip gloss over my red lips. Then I heard a knock.

Harry's P.O.V

She looked stunning. "You look absolutely amazing." I told her.

"Thanks." She said blushing.

I slid the coset over her wrist. Then we walked to my car. I opened to door for her and quickly hurried to my side of the car.

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