just a short poem.


1. Flowers.

We kill flowers because their beautiful.

We mask our scars with their beauty.

I cant tell you where we went wrong, but flowers hide our story.


We kill ourselfs because were not.

We hide pain and loss with scars;

paint over it, cover it with smiles and drown anything that can show our true feelings to anyone besides us.

Maybe thats where we went wrong,

Making beauty a priority.


We cut flowers because their pretty.

Their perfect in our eyes.

Flowers are innocent,they did nothing wrong.

Yet we still harm them.


We cut ourselfs because were not.

So far away from  perfection.

What did we do wrong?


Were tough from a young age to be perfect;

hair, makeup and smile.

But no one ever notices the effect it has.


A beautiful field full of pretty flowers ; that's what we are.

Hiding the pain and loss through beauty - putting on a show.

We try to be perfect- a goal which dosnt exist.

It gets harder to reach.

But the flowers are blooming, maybe we'll change.


Flowers and innocent, and beautiful and free.

Why would you harm something so carefree?

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